So today was OK.  

I should have not gone to the bar after my ‘shift’, but I was having bad thoughts about the potential people on the subway………….More like bad memories.  Whatever, I still shouldn’t have had the couple drinks I had (I think they were half pint) because I’m trying to watch my spending…………….  I still feel inebriated and I’m at home now and it’s two hours later.  

Gave my number to some guy today who was a lead.  I’m looking forward to getting some kind of sign for my business to market it.  My YouTube upload speed is too slow with my downgraded internet connection, so I may upgrade my internet connection to a higher speed, but it’s against my intent.  

Felt amazing this morning from only 30 mins of chakra BIJA mantra, some kundalini kriyas and pranayama.


GOOD MEMORY (of before the BS)…

So I went out to sell today.  It was successful in the fact that I only drank one ounce of whisky before selling and I didn’t drink anything before I left for home.  

I’m kinda annoyed that it’s just going to get colder and colder here in T.O, but there’s nothing I can do about it  other than wearing warmer clothes.  

It’s my birthday in about a week and my parents agreed to make a dinner for me.  My sister and her kids might show up too.

I’m glad I had a thought of buying carrots today.  

I’ve been worried about my eyesight, since I have to wear glasses.  I used to buy baby carrots and take them to the library with me.  I used to eat very healthy (except for not getting enough leafy greens for a while) by taking cheese sticks, and custom mixed nuts, dates, and carrots with me during the day.  I’m looking forward to restarting that habit, but I’m worried about the cost off the nuts…