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DATE: MAY 29TH, ‘19

So in this Vid I am demonstrating a good face massage. Face massage is necessary to prevent wrinkles. Too many guys have neglected their faces and now they have too many wrinkles! That doesn’t mean to simply give up! Start massaging your faces now! Do it daily! You can do it for 5 mins if you don’t have time. Rub your eyes in the morning – it feels so good!

I know of two guys and they have great bags under their eyes. If only they gently but firmly massaged around their eyes (‘rubbed their eyes’) on a daily basis it would get better!

I’ve also heard of putting teabags on your closed eyelids for like 3 mins and the caffeine in the tea will lessen the puffiness. I’ve tried this and I can only keep the teabags on for 3 mins. The PH of the tea is too much for the skin in that area of my face and I’m simply respecting my Etheric Body by removing the bags before they become too much for me.

LOL, teabag! 😛

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Yeah…So I sit here listening to Exposure from Current Value. CV is amazing, you should go check him out!!!

Eating peanut butter on toast. I learned today that people of my weight (130lbs) should eat about 40-50 grams of protein a day.

Went to the gym today. I’m not going to say ‘as usual’ because I don’t really want to go to the gym. It is always a struggle to go – but now a days it’s a small struggle compared to before when it was a big struggle!

I don’t understand how small young men can be. They are so scrawny. I guess they go to the gym because it’s something social to do – for them. I go because I’m serious about losing weight.

I don’t want any issues from socializing. As an Energy Healer, I am almost always aware of how faulty peoples’ Energy Anatomy is – so I tend to purposely avoid people in social situations. Not in any obvious way, however for the most part I just want to be by myself and I don’t get lonely.

There was this beefcake on the elliptical beside me today who was all business about his workout. He was DRENCHED in sweat – like the whole back of his T-shirt was soaked. I was worried he might have a heart attack – but I respected him and his choice and just focused on my workout.

The gym places this awful show on the TV almost every time I go there. It’s of these couples who either renovate their house or are looking for a new one. This is kind of like a slap in the face for me. I envisioned that I would be making enough money by 26 years old to buy my Dad a new driveway. Then I realized I had to do a whole bunch of marketing I had no clue how to do. Then I just gave up. Now – years later I’m doing the marketing.



So today was my Bday!  I’m sadly 35 years old. (When I was in that Intoxicated Haze of Respiridone and Whisky Addiction, I thought I was 37 or maybe even older…).

I’m fat and have bags under my eyes.

I hope to lose the weight by doing 30 mins of cardio 6 days a week

…(Update: Doing cardio for 30 mins is better than nothing, however in order to lose the weight as fast as possible, spend 2 hrs a day doing cardio. Obviously take care if you have a heart condition – like use less resistance on the Elliptical. I’ve been going for 2 hours a day and my face NO LONGER LOOKS FAT, and I’M BEGINNING TO SEE THE OUTLINES OF ABDOMINAL MUSCLES BEHIND THE FAT)

, and lose the bags from getting donations to buy that under eye cream that works so well.  

I’ve been watching ‘Chills’ on YouTube.  I don’t know why that scary stuff interests me- it didn’t used to.  It used to make me very scared, but now I don’t get flustered – except excluding anything to do with ghosts or poltergeists.  I think or believe that I have some sort of spirit or spirits in my apartment that will become poltergeisty if I swear or express any anger in my house.  

It’s interesting – I brought out my little statue of Woden and placed it on my end table beside my spider plant – and the spider plant has grown two new vertical fronds!  I’m so happy I’m praying every day.  I went for months or maybe even years without praying.