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Jan. 10th, ‘19

In this Vid I talk about the Etheric Template Body. Your Inner World (your Human Energy Field) contains 7 Bodies. The Etheric Template Body is the 5th Level and is supplied by the 5[A/B] Chakra (Inner Potentiality).

Words – written and/or spoken – are fundamentally Etheric Template based.

The Mental Impression that you get from words from the External World (anything other than yourself) is held in your 6A Inner Potentiality and Celestial Body (6th Level of your Human Energy Field).

It is significant to use the correct words to create the right impression.

Clearly knowing the definition of words helps with that.

Thanks to ‘Good Reads’ for making the Thumbnail Picture available. The Image is of the front cover of ‘Words of Transformation’ by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel. The illustrator is Sumara Elan Love.


***CARDING B.S.***

***CARDING B.S.***
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Jan 3rd, 2019

I guess around this time I was still an ‘Active Alcoholic’. I suppose I’m an ‘Inactive Alcoholic’ now. I’m not drinking at all. It is important for me to abstain from booze because of my current low income. Secondarily, because of the addictiveness of it. Thirdly – things are so volatile in Toronto due to immigration that it’s somewhat DANGEROUS to drink at all…

I suppose in my ‘Active Alcoholic’ stage I was somewhat numb to the Triggeringness of The Paper. I wouldn’t dare voluntarily pick up that sh*t nowadays…

I’m focusing on race in this video because Toronto is full of systemic, institutionalize Anti-White racism that has been going around since the early 1990s.

The only reason people think that it’s the other way around and that it’s Black people who are the victim is because they have a tradition of being loud-mouthed, bumptious and rambunctious – and this behaviour attracts more attention. So basically my point is they have been upset over something that is make-believe.


***NYD 2019***

***NYD 2019***
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God: I’m so fat in this Vid.

Thank God I am Self Employed now. I wouldn’t have been able to lose the weight I had if I had remained Employed by a Firm.

I didn’t go out to a bar for NYE b/c I d overspent my money the previous two weeks (on booze – b/c TORONTO SUCKS).

Hate how my hair is puffing out near my Sideburns! Short hair or clipped hair in that area suits me more. I was probably avoiding the Barber to save money (b/c of my previous overspending).

I remember in 2000 I was a Homebody listening to Bjork’s B-Sides and playing King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity.

When I was on that prescription medication given to me by the Court Psychiatrist, simple tasks like cleaning my apartment and doing my laundry BECAME DIFFICULT.

I also noticed there were too many South Asian young men on the bus. The Government is ‘selling out’ Toronto to India. It’s a terrible Silent Invasion of despicable Soft Power.



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I had made the Wrong Decision of handing out Biz Cards to Torontonians.

Toronto is a f*cked up City full of losers who are addicted and reliant on internet advertising.

These sh*theads probably want me to make a Website so they can view it before they call me.

F*cking pansies.

My Balance was only $800 because I had spent about $600 the past two weeks on booze – just to be able to handle the rejection of The Pathetic and/or Anti-White and/or Anti-Male and/or Non-English-Speaking Torontonians. I can’t believe I’m staying in this City: but I’m TRUE to following my Inner Intent and keeping my Haric Line healthy.

I’m kind of fat in this video because I had gained weight from a prescription medication I had taken for at least a year. I am wary of prescription medications now because twice in my life I have suffered serious side effects from taking them systemically. They have ranged from causing me Near Sightedness to Obesity to making my Mind into a dull M-U-S-H.

One of them bascially wiped out two years of my life that I will never get back.

Concerning my Businesses – I don’t want a business loan right now. My rule is that if i have a loan – I must have a plan to pay it back. I don’t have a plan, so I wouldn’t like a loan. I’m simply focused on my Website right now.

Any work being Self Employed – whether it be successful or not – is better than not doing any work and becoming an alcoholic!!! Thankfully going to the gym is no longer a trigger for going to the bar.

Thank you to DeviantArt for allowing me to use their photo for the thumbnail.




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Dec. 1st 2018

Hey!!! In this Video I talk about two different people in my life…Having a fiancée who was a Pothead Refugee (came to Canada because of ‘lax’ Pot Laws), and a Sexy Friend With A VERY Bad Attitude (I really think he had a vitamin deficiency that caused it).

…Don’t trust him to fix your computer when it malfunctions…

…Getting engaged…



I relapsed today and went to the bar for a bottle of beer.

I’m pretty pissed about the fucking ‘mental health’ ads by Bell. Bell is a pretty shitty company. They’ve totally fucked over Faith Goldy. Faith Goldy was a mayoral candidate in our last municipal election.

Anyways, Bell’s ads for ‘mental health’ are pretty shitty. I think I went past three billboards on the bus today, supporting their ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign. How nefarious and deceptive. All the ads featured White models.



So I’m on track with my work today. My skin is irritatingly dry. At least I had blueberries on my cereal this morning and haven’t drunk any booze today – yet. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t. My goal is to be completely sober. I don’t have a lot of money, and I need to watch my spending.

My friend Bob called me today. He is kinda annoying. Like, my Mind is constantly in a state of wanting to make money, and I see him as some sort of hindrance.

I used to have this female friend named Suzy. I met her at a summer camp run by the Public School Board in my city. It was a pretty good camp, however one thing I disliked was we weren’t allowed to have showers. This was in Middle School or early High School. Probably 1998/1999. I thought Suzy was cool because her mother was a prostitute. Suzy and I got along pretty well, and we remained friends after camp.