***THE KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY*** #annoying #beliefs #relationships

***THE KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY*** #annoying #beliefs #relationships
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Jan. 20th ‘19

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– The purpose of Denial is to prevent the Outer Mind from being astonished. Astonishment Overcharges the Emotional Body (2nd Level of the Human Energy Field (HEF)) and predisposes the victim to Unintentional Conflict (increases the possibility of) and the following Social Demotion (due to the unintentionality of the conflict).

– About the guy who made the video about the Editor – his bitterness will sully his relationships and lead to lack of success. Bitterness = Insalubrious Emotional Body, causing the adjacent Rational Body to become Insalubrious, causing the adjacent Relational Body to also become Insalubrious. An Insalubrious Relational body always leaves a bad impression in the Other Person’s mind (even though they don’t have established Higher Sense Perception) in the form of random bad thoughts and feelings caused by the interaction with the person with the Insalubrious Relational Body.


– LOL: the audio @ 6:08 – Sorry: I was worried that it wasn’t recording loud enough. Heheh!

***TALKING ABOUT THE 7th CHAKRA and ALOPECIA*** 💇🏼‍♂️ #alopeciaareata #chakras #aura

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Jan 4th, 2019

Hey B*tches!!! I’m back again with a new **EDITED** video! Hope you like it!

I talk about the Human Energy Field, the Chakra Cords (Inner Expectations) and Higher Sense Perception (HSP). Some other people call HSP ‘The Clairs’.

Rather than saying ‘Panicky’, I think a better word would be ‘Astonished’.

BTW, Unintentional Conflict (mutual or one-sided) f*cks up the HEF.

Sorry about the bags under my eyes – it’s from being a past victim to Toronto’s **SEEPING** corruption.


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