***THE ETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY AND WORDS*** #spells #manifestation #creating #impression

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Jan. 10th, ‘19

In this Vid I talk about the Etheric Template Body. Your Inner World (your Human Energy Field) contains 7 Bodies. The Etheric Template Body is the 5th Level and is supplied by the 5[A/B] Chakra (Inner Potentiality).

Words – written and/or spoken – are fundamentally Etheric Template based.

The Mental Impression that you get from words from the External World (anything other than yourself) is held in your 6A Inner Potentiality and Celestial Body (6th Level of your Human Energy Field).

It is significant to use the correct words to create the right impression.

Clearly knowing the definition of words helps with that.

Thanks to ‘Good Reads’ for making the Thumbnail Picture available. The Image is of the front cover of ‘Words of Transformation’ by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel. The illustrator is Sumara Elan Love.




My couch reminds me of the Black lecher who gave it to me. Whenever he sees me, he tries to come on to me. I think it’s the drugs. A normal person wouldn’t be able to be THAT flirtatious with anyone. When I first went to his house – because I was being nice – he asked me if I wanted some cocaine. I am anti-drug.For some reason today I was very sad. In the beginning of the day, it was because I hadn’t left my house early enough to do marketing for my business. Then, later in the day I became unhappy over the South Asian invasion my city is undergoing. I can’t trust my MP to listen to me complain about it: he’s probably some idiot cuc.k.



So i’m siting at home in the afternoon. It is New Year’s Day and I’ve already been out and about putting up my business cards in bus shelters. I know that may seem like a pretty crappy way to promote a business – but I don’t have any capital to fund my marketing.

I am very unhappy with the amount of young South Asians in Scarborough. They are invading the city! They don’t care about diversity. Their hiring managers only hire their own kind. They don’t try and learn about other races and hang out with them. It is disgusting that me as a White person in Toronto has done all of that for most of his life and these newbies who aren’t put under the same pressure!



So today I did my Promoting and as usual most people said ‘No.’ to me. It crossed my mind today to get some sort of sign to hang from my neck to make it more obvious that I’m advertising something.

As a side note: in case you didn’t know I’m a Segregationist. Being a 35 year old man, having grown up in Toronto and dealt with the ‘social experiment’ of being a male under female authoritarians: I know it doesn’t work. Even if you try to befriend these women, it will only end up in them falsely accusing you of sexual harassment (because they are so weak they don’t know what they themselves are actually feeling and thinking and/or their Viewpoint of men is so sexual in the first place that most -if not all – behaviour from men they sexualize in their heads and interpret it as sexual).

These women were filled with Anti-Male Sentiment that poisoned my interactions with them and made working under them intolerable. This Sentiment was probably brought on, engendered, by the Toronto Star and them having read that putrid, despicable newspaper for years prior.

On to something else…When I was in Massage Therapy School our Professors were mostly these OVERPAID, CUNTY &&&BITCHES&&&.

At the top of the list was probably ‘This Fat Lesbian’. She prided herself on having a history of providing massage for men dying of AIDS. Like – I guess I can understand that massage could be effective for someone in that situation, if they are in pain. I am skeptical of whether or not they would be in pain because of all the accounts of people faking illnesses or lying that they are in pain when really they aren’t (and they are simply trying to get attention).

I learned that palliative care massage is not my thing. If I had anything to do with someone who was dying, I’d like to be as useful as possible (if I was there professionally). I think the most useful thing you could do for a person in that situation would be to Channel and help them Prepare for the Aferlife. Cognizance is a very useful thing. Maybe secondarily do some Energy Healing on them…

I see massage as a very physical thing: like mostly effective for athletes. Athletes get injured and massage is great for sports injuries. Athletes need to be flexible and massage is good for that too. I’m not ‘into’ Sports. I never have been. I remember when I was in Grade 3, I preferred and chose to read a book rather than go and play soccer. Even though I could get a Massage Therapy License, I don’t see much ‘use’ of it for me because networking with Sports people wouldn’t ‘mesh’ with me.