So today I went to the gym. The gym is a big deal to me because of Weight Loss. I used to be slim, and now I’m fat. I want to be slim again.

Some people at the gym don’t work as hard as I do. I get on the elliptical and push it for an hour.

(March 10th ’19 Update: I now go to the gym for 2 hours a day. One hour a day wasn’t working. I was getting impatient to lose the belly. I’m beginning to see the defines of muscles beneath the belly fat!)



So I’m having coffee in the evening so I can write my Blog. As you may know I’m supposed to write my blog daily – but I haven’t been because I’ve been too tired from my unpaid marketing work for myself. At the moment I am taping my business card to the wall of bus shelters around the city.

Up until a few day ago I was handing out my biz cards to the right looking people (my target market), but when I tried to do it on the 24th and only one person accepted my card, it made me too vexed at people to do it until now.

I’m still feeling a bit unhappy about that day, however once my Energy Healing biz cards will run out (I have more ordered on the way), I’ll hand out my Massage biz cards. I’ve been thinking about writing ‘feet only’ massage on them. I think that’s fitting because it has been years since I practiced massage and the feet for me are a great starting point.



So went to the gym this evening: only went for half an hour.  

Went for an hour yesterday because of the pint of beer I had to have before leaving for the gym because there was some psycho weirdo guy in the bus shelter.  I tried to be able to deal with him around, but when the bus came, I was too irritated to take it.

Like – I may see the gym as a sort of punishment.  I would love to just stay in my apartment and drink beer all evening and watch stuff on the internet, but that would cause me to get even fatter, plus I’d feel guilty for drinking at home (because I have a ‘No Drinking Rule’ at home).

I remember the time I lived in that awesome house on Baycrest Avenue, I had had a couple beers at the local bar (which was on Avenue Rd…such a hoity toity place). Upon getting home I ended up spilling the beans and reaming out my female housemate for being a slut.  LOL.  

I had to move from that house because apparently the landlord said some of his extended family needed a place to live and they needed my bedroom. The neighbour next door said that wasn’t true. I didn’t question her because it would have incensed me. She probably heard the slut complain about me on her cell when she was out the side door smoking (within earshot of the neighbour’s backyard. It’s not like that wasn’t the only time we had an argument.  I think another days before that we had an argument and the landlord was hiding somewhere and then he asked me why we weren’t getting along and I said it was because we weren’t having sex.  Clarissa was horny all the time and coming onto me whenever she was around me, but I wasn’t into women at the time so i found it annoying.  



So went to the gym this morning!  

I’m proud of myself, even though it’s no big deal because I should be going 6 days a week.  I guess every day I do go is a milestone or some type of achievement because if I stop going I may become a fat blob and not go for a week.  

I really hope that doesn’t happen, because I should take one day off every week from going.’sPaypal