VIDEO LINK: Environmental Activism and Spirituality

DATE: Saturday July 13th, ‘19

I’m getting better at making videos! :). This is the longest video yet! 🙂 Yay!

I talk a lot about the Emotional Body (EmB). I’m somewhat of a ‘Haric Line Yogi’, and so when I began to feel a feeling that was forcing me to go against my Inner Intent, I became unhappy. It was boredom. I think what actually happened was there was/is some sort of Celestial Being that caused me to feel the boredom. I believe this/these Beings inhabit both Murison Woods South and Malvern Woods. If I hadn’t felt boredom in the first place, I would have stayed at the Malvern Branch of the Highland Creek at Milner to continue the DSV removal – because that was my Inner Intent.

The Emotional Body is the 2nd Level of the Human Energy Field (HEF).

The First 3 Levels of the HEF are to do with Physical Comfort (‘Self-Care’), Emotional Comfort (Emotional Intelligence), and Mental Comfort (Critical Thinking). These three Levels disintegrate when your Physical Body dies. They may have a lot to do with what Western Psychology calls ‘The Ego’. My opinion of them is they are ‘very personal’. On the other hand, the Upper Levels of the HEF – 4, 5, 6, & 7, remain intact after Death.

I think maybe this Spirit(s) knew I could help out their Woodlands so through their influence caused me to feel bored so much that I had to go against my Inner Intent and visit their Woods to alleviate the boredom. In maintaining Physical Health, it is ‘very’ important to pay attention to your feelings, to acknowledge them and do what they want you to do (within the limits of the law) so that they don’t become too big that you end up causing your Relational Body to become Insalubrious through Unintentional Conflict. In short – if you ignore your feelings, they may ‘build up’ and become so intense that you ‘act out’ unintentionally and get in trouble.

At 19:51, I said I ‘wanted’ to go over to Malvern Woods, but that was incorrect wording. What I meant was: “I might like to go to MW.”.

Want = Haric Line

Like = Relational Body

BTW my Caffeine Addiction is not as serious as like that Stupid Powder that killed the Disney Star. That powder should be illegal! If you take only 1 TEASPOON, you’ll die! My addiction is to coffee, and it still taxes the adrenal glands – even though it’s not as potent as the powder. I gained the addiction from my family and maybe also from Past Life stuff. I’m not open to people asking me questions about my family.

Once I get something better than ‘Pages’ for iPad to draw stuff – I’ll include more drawings of what I’m talking about. Pages is kind of difficult to use for that purpose. It’s probably not worth it to use it for that (which is probably why you haven’t seen ‘enough’ drawings).

LOL: Sorry for 22:00.

LOL: I had gotten some Poison Ivy rash on my left arm (in addition to the bite). It’s OK. It was no big deal (probably b/c the brush against the plant wasn’t serious).

So at 36:47, I’m talking about how Chakra Cords (CCs) sometimes ‘contravene’ time. For example, I was feeling a CC Interaction from someone who probably will watch my video. So I guess it was a ‘psychic’ experience. Something like a ‘premonition’.

I corrected ‘myself’ at 37:58 because the ‘attacker’ might learn of me from someone else – not by watching this video.

Very long video but fun to create!

It took 2 hrs to upload at 10 Megabits/second with iPad 5th Gen.

Edited with iMovie.




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***WHITE SUFFERING*** #timhortons #diversity #equalopportunity #employmentequity #affirmativeaction #reverseracism

***WHITE SUFFERING*** #timhortons #diversity #equalopportunity #employmentequity #affirmativeaction
— Read on youtu.be/Trg8T6cRdPQ

Jan 15th, 2019

So this Vid is of me objecting to the anti-White BS in Toronto (and maybe the rest of Canada). I’m of the age now where I should be self-employed. Anyways, when people reach 30, they have gained enough Worldy experience to start and maintain their own business for the rest of their lives. I have to mention that the Destitute White Man on the Subway smelled of ‘ketones’. I just read that ketosis is a symptom of Diabetes. Alcoholism can cause Diabetes. I presumed the man smelled like this because he was an alcoholic. I’m going to take the noble role and focus on WHY he was an alcoholic. This doesn’t also mean justifying the alcoholism, but actually acknowledging the Actual Reason for the alcoholism. In this instance I believe that this man is an alcohlic because of his difficulty getting employment in Toronto due to the actual anti-White and anti-male Institutional/Systemic Racism supported by the Government (I’m just stating the obvious, White Elites are just harming themselves by denying it) and of living in a Rooming House with non-Whites (and maybe Females).

Just today in my Apartment Building, all the guys who were vacating old apartments were East Asian. That doesn’t represent Diversity. What would represent Diversity would be there to be a mix of races working for the same Firm that is doing the work of vacating the apartments.

The same thing with the Cleaners and Superintendents employed by the Building. They are all South Asian. What would better represent Diversity would be a mix of races, not just South Asian.

The same thing happened with all the guys who were updating the TV fibre optic system in the Building.

Diversity seems to be an Anti-White sham.

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So today I feel fat.

For some reason I have gotten into watching scary stuff on YouTube.  It began with Mr.Nightmare‘s Channel, and now I’m watching Lutch Green‘s stuff.  Lutch’s stuff is far more gruesome and gory than the previous Channels I’ve watced. I guess I watch this stuff because off the small amount of excitement and thrill you get from being scared or disgusted.

Happily, I only drank one half pint of that godawful beer that that cheap-ass bar serves in my Sales Territory. Another happy note: the Kundalini Yoga I did this morning has energized my Etheric Body so now I’m reacting adversely to the beer: it’s made me feel kind of bloated and uncomfortable. So I’m more in tune with my body.

Still have to go to the gym tonight.  Still should lose weight. Every day counts!