DATE: Aug. 11th, ‘19.


So – LOL – I began to be interested in Biodiversity when I learned about it in Middle School (1996-1998). Before that I had been immersed in Nature during my Summer Breaks because my family and I would go camping for a couple weeks in rural Ontario. It made an impression on me.

Toronto might have a *HUGE* problem with Dog-Strangling Vine as an Invasive Plant. From what I’ve seen, it’s infested the Humber River valley and the Rouge Valley. Near Ellesemere it has infested a tributary of the Highland Creek.

In my opinion, the best way to remove it is by hand. Using a chemical might destroy nearby Native Plants. Using an introduced species to control DSV might be counter-productive because the introduced species might they themselves become invasive.




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***BRIMLEY WOODS*** #scarborough #nativeplants #asianinvasion

***BRIMLEY WOODS*** #Scarborough #nativeplants #asianinvasion
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May 12th, ‘19

So I went to Brimley Woods in North Scarborough recently. It’s the most beautiful Woodland I’ve been to. Beats Malvern Woods, Murison Woods, and Deekshill Park by a landslide. I touch upon how North Scarborough has been invaded by East Asians. It’s almost uniformly East Asian.

I didn’t see any Garlic Mustard inside the Woods at all! I saw some around the entrance.




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***A WHITE GUY LIVING WITH 4 BLACK REFUGEES FROM AFRICA*** #diversity #relationalbody #interpersonal #stress #humanenergyfield
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Jan 25th, ‘19

…Talking about Chakra Cord (Inner Expectation) Interactions again.

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Remember your Inner Worlds (IWs) are your Inner Potentialities (IPs) and Human Energy Field (HEF) {Deep Inner World}, your Haric Line {Deeper Inner World}, and your Core Star {Deepest Inner World).

For some reason I chose to talk about my plight.

I mention this Religious Extremist ‘The Afghan’ because he was very patriotic about his Afghan ethnicity. He’d actually be pleased at being called that.

The text at 3:55 looked clear before YouTube converted it during the normal conversion process of uploading. Poor YouTube.

So in these houses I display, I should tell you I was only renting a room at those places.

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I’m making some pasta in the kitchen and proud of myself because pasta has some nutrients in it. I went down to the Danforth today to put up some of my business cards, and I noticed that a lot of the White people around looked dirty. The looked this way because:

Toronto is an Anti-White city. This means that Whites are probably actively paid less than ‘visible minoirities’. Also, they are probably given more work to do by their manager, and not only that – probably more difficult work. On top of that they are probably not paid more for the extra work. Lastly, their employment is probably precarious due to their manager’s preference for non-Whites.