***CLEANING FOOTWEAR*** #ethericbody #1stchakra #highersenseperception

***CLEANING FOOTWEAR*** #ethericbody #1stchakra #highersenseperception
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Ok. So here’s a video of me cleaning my Boots.

Footwear – of course – gets really dirty. Nonetheless, people may not realize this and not wash their Footwear regularly. To put it in perspective – you walk everywhere – the ground outside is very dirty! Everything settles on the pavement and sidewalk. Your feet sweat into your Footwear and then bacteria thrive off of that and the heat!

So I guess this video is good for people who have Foot Fungus or are concerned about getting it. From my perspective – the purpose for doing this is to Maintain the health of the 1st Chakra and the Etheric Body. The legs and feet are extensions of the First Chakra (Inner Potentiality). If we have dirty Footwear, it’s going to make our 1st Inner Potentiality (IP) dirty too!

Also, if your Higher Sense Perception is developed enough that you can sense things Kinesthetically (feeling rather than smelling, hearing, or seeing) – and you have already soaked your Footwear in a bucket of diluted detergent, but they still feel ‘dirty’ with your HSP, then if you ignore this message it will cause your Etheric Body to become Insalubrious and possibly weaken your HSP.






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***FIR VALLEY WOODS AND CATARAQUI PARK*** #biodiversity #invasivespecies #nativeplants

***FIR VALLEY WOODS and CATARAQUI PARK*** #biodiversity #invasivespecies #nativeplants
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May 10th ‘19

So when you take the Subway between Warden Station and Victoria Park Station, if you look out the window South, you will see a glade with a playground in the middle. This is Cataraqui Park. I remember seeing some Ground Cover Plants on the woodland on the left hand side when you go past, and I always had the feeling I wanted to investigate this place. So I did. Cataraqui Park was uneventful. All it really had was some Mayflower and some Trout Lily. Fir Valley Woods was more interesting, but might be dangerous due to its geography and possibility that it might be used by a gang.

Anyway, I was happy I got the chance to go and see these places! It is fun filming Toronto’s small woodlands and representing the decimation to Biodiversity that Dog-Strangling Vine (Black Swallow-Wort) and Garlic Mustard have done to them!




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***A WHITE GUY LIVING WITH 4 BLACK REFUGEES FROM AFRICA*** #diversity #relationalbody #interpersonal #stress #humanenergyfield
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Jan 25th, ‘19

…Talking about Chakra Cord (Inner Expectation) Interactions again.

Yeah, I don’t know what to do about the text at 1:09 being so kinda blurred. I’m sure there’s some way to import a document for display on iMovie for iOS. I may look into it.

Remember your Inner Worlds (IWs) are your Inner Potentialities (IPs) and Human Energy Field (HEF) {Deep Inner World}, your Haric Line {Deeper Inner World}, and your Core Star {Deepest Inner World).

For some reason I chose to talk about my plight.

I mention this Religious Extremist ‘The Afghan’ because he was very patriotic about his Afghan ethnicity. He’d actually be pleased at being called that.

The text at 3:55 looked clear before YouTube converted it during the normal conversion process of uploading. Poor YouTube.

So in these houses I display, I should tell you I was only renting a room at those places.

At 6:32 – sorry for the text being white, however iMovie seems limited and doesn’t allow a variety of colours for text (I think black would have stood out more, along with it being bold, and maybe even a fancier font).

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***TALKING ABOUT THE 7th CHAKRA and ALOPECIA*** 💇🏼‍♂️ #alopeciaareata #chakras #aura

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Jan 4th, 2019

Hey B*tches!!! I’m back again with a new **EDITED** video! Hope you like it!

I talk about the Human Energy Field, the Chakra Cords (Inner Expectations) and Higher Sense Perception (HSP). Some other people call HSP ‘The Clairs’.

Rather than saying ‘Panicky’, I think a better word would be ‘Astonished’.

BTW, Unintentional Conflict (mutual or one-sided) f*cks up the HEF.

Sorry about the bags under my eyes – it’s from being a past victim to Toronto’s **SEEPING** corruption.


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I’ve decided to fully delve into the World of Self-Employment full time and forever. . I could work part time in some shit, low paying job – however on my ‘off’ time I won’t have enough time to devote to the venture and I will lose interest and it will fizzle into nothing.

Today I saw this snob I used to know. In one of my previous, low-paying jobs, there was this guy named ‘Eves’. I liked him because he was quiet. He also had a nice signature. I knew this, because at the end or our shift we had to sign a paper to give to this Bitch who supervised at our Temp Agency.

He was a snob because he wouldn’t engage in small talk. Another thing I didn’t like about him, was that he did his job really well. He also got preferential treatment from the manager because of his effectiveness.

For someone with HSP, it is ‘really annoying’ to be around people with 6A problems. The 6A is the technical name for the ‘ Third Eye Chakra’. I like to call the Chakras ‘Inner Potentialities’.

Even a few moments ago, when I was writing about Eves – I felt a strangeness. The Celestial Body of peoples’ auras is not restricted by physical distance.



Yay! So I went to the gym tonight for an hour. I feel amazing! My intent was to go for 30 mins, however I was thinking that maybe if I had gone for 30 mins I would have gone to the Bar afterwards – and I really didn’t want to go to there.

I was already feeling ashamed for having drank one extra 1/2 pint before leaving my work to go home…it was just that the guy to my left had such a crappy Relational Body.