DATE: Aug 22nd, ’19

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OK, so being ready for something means that you have prepared for that event. If it’s not within your Inner Intent (InIn) – not Aligned with your Haric Line to participate in the Event for which you should prepare, then your preparing will probably be a Waste of Time. Please don’t overdo your Preparing-ness so that it becomes a Preoccupation (obsession).

So – if you have sufficiently prepared for an Event, and participating in this Event is aligned with your Inner InIn, then you should be ‘Ready’ to ‘Handle’ the Event. ‘Handling’ is synonymous with ‘Dealing with’ and/or ‘Coping’.

I surmise that when you are Ready to Deal with an Event, that means – energetically – that your Chakra Cords from your Front Chakras are Favourably Anticipatory (not predisposed to Thrusting in response to The Event).





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VIDEO LINK: White Haven and McDairmid Woods Parks

DATE: Aug 18th, ‘19.

LOL: So I guess I’m exploring the Highland Creek’s Tributaries!!!!!! It’s quite fun!!! I’m looking forward to ‘exploring’ the Markham Branch south of the 401 (Big Highway).

I presume that Scarborough was badly planned – because it’s too big for itself. Thankfully it is somewhat divided into different neighbourhoods – however the ‘elites’ would scoff at this.

So – I also presume that the reason they built the Don Valley Parkway and that ‘Rosedale Road’ through the Don Valley was because they didn’t care (Emotional Body) about Nature at that time because they believed (Ketheric Template Body) that Nature should be mistreated for selfish gain [exploitation] (Relational Body). So this Unfavourable Belief (I-HUB) infected their Rational Body via Harmonic Induction and then gave them the Inner Thoughts that lead to their Inner Feelings of not caring about Nature.

I give you *MUCH* FREE information on the Human Energy Field in this Vid!!! Again – Stress just might be a HUGE upcoming Issue. People shouldn’t scoff at the Subject of Stress because – fundamentally – it is what causes you to get acutely sick (cold, flu etc.) in the first place. We all may know that Stress causes the Physical Body to create cortisol, and when it’s doing that, the immune system has ‘shut down’.

I also touch on a Good Point for people with ‘Type A’ personalities!

It’s only Corrupt *ssholes who scoff at the Subject of Stress. They probably only see you as their servile slave, wanting to exploit you until you die.

Much thanks to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority for providing FREE publicly a really good map of the Highland Creek – so we know what its different tributaries are called!!!!!!

I know it might be interpreted as somewhat weird that I love Baneberry so much, however:

– It’s red berries are beautiful-looking

– It’s leaves are pretty

– It’s flowers are dainty and pretty

– It’s rarer than Jack-In-The-Pulpit (JITP)

I saw a Great Blue Heron!

I prefer to call these tributaries ‘creeks’ instead of ‘branches’.

FYI: Don’t eat:

– Wild Cucumber Pods

– Baneberry Berries

– JITP Berries

– Virginia Creeper Berries

– Solomon’s Seal Berries

– They’re all toxic to humans. They’re basically food for the birds and animals!

LOL – I was so impressed with McDairmid Wood’s Park (before I actually ‘inspected’ it). I was so looking forward to seeing some Baneberry.


– Even though Ragweed (R) and Beggar’s Tick are beautiful Native Plants here, R is invasive in Central Europe and BT is invasive in New Zealand. Neither have the proper predators (birds and animals that eat them) in those countries. Anyway – if the predators were introduced, they themselves might also become invasive species. The best bet is to just fucking pull out the Central Europe Ragweed and the New Zealand Beggar’s Tick by hand!!!

I highly recommend to wear Latex/Plastic gloves when pulling DSV. Otherwise you will probably get really irritating dermatitis (the epidermis on your hands will start to peel, it will be painful when you dry your hands after washing them, they will look unsightly red).

McDairmid Wood’s may have been my first ‘taste’ of experiencing Invasive Trees and Bushes. I did notice that there were too many saplings there. On the Forest Floor, and also some type of ugly shrub here-and-there.

LOL- Sorry for the Rave Music being so loud at McDairmid Woods Park (MDWP), but by then my Headphones had completely broke and were unusable. They were only $40.00 (compared to seemingly better quality ones at $120.00), and I had had them for several months already.




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DATE: Aug. 11th, ‘19.


So – LOL – I began to be interested in Biodiversity when I learned about it in Middle School (1996-1998). Before that I had been immersed in Nature during my Summer Breaks because my family and I would go camping for a couple weeks in rural Ontario. It made an impression on me.

Toronto might have a *HUGE* problem with Dog-Strangling Vine as an Invasive Plant. From what I’ve seen, it’s infested the Humber River valley and the Rouge Valley. Near Ellesemere it has infested a tributary of the Highland Creek.

In my opinion, the best way to remove it is by hand. Using a chemical might destroy nearby Native Plants. Using an introduced species to control DSV might be counter-productive because the introduced species might they themselves become invasive.




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DATES: Aug 7th, 9th, and 10th ‘19

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ALRIGHTY!!! So it seems like I’m ‘losing interest’ in making videos. Umm…I think my Attention is just going elsewhere! It’s not like I have ADD or sumthing…It’s more like a Spirit(s) or a Deity(ies) is/are directing me to do something else: i.e: COMPLETE MY WEBSITE! I know it’s not ME that wants to complete the website, because my InIn is actually more inclined to keep making videos about Natural Areas.

WTF – you shouldn’t actually contest a Deity or a Spirit. It probably won’t work.

So this is THREE VIDEOS from THREE SEPARATE DAYS – in one! Hahaha!

I prefer the ‘Pop’ filter that YouTube freely provides to enhance video attractiveness, however it tends to slightly blur the borders of things. In addition, I added in a new Soundtrack to the vid, however it showed up too quiet after it was uploaded to YT. Next time I’ll ensure it’s louder.




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VIDEO LINK: Lotsa Detail!

DATE: July 30th, ‘19

I’m so happy I found my Black, Breathable T-Shirt! I had put it somewhere in a kind of a frenzy when I had to prepare for my apartment being treated for pest control. Probably 50% of my City’s apartment buildings are currently affected by bedbugs. If you are coping/dealing with a Biochemical Addiction, it is imperative that you eliminate Triggers. Bedbugs might be a big Trigger for someone. They bite – and their bites are I T C H Y! The itchiness can cause inflammation of the Emotional Body. When that happens – you will be greatly predisposed to Inadvertent Conflict with Others (Other People). If you greatly Displease other people, they will avoid you and/or gossip about you. This will ‘inflame’ the Social Situation (predispose your Relational Body to become Insalubrious), and just worsen the situation even more and predispose you to more addiction.

FYI: ‘Cracked Hand’ Update: Yeah – pulling DSV can give you Fissures on your fingers. No big deal – but they can be painful when drying your hands after washing them. So I’m going to ‘up-the-ante’ and moisturize them every day!!

So about the Chakra Cords (CCs):

I prefer to call CCs ‘Inner Expectations’ (IEs).

CC1 = Your IE of how the Earth will Seem.

CC2A = Your IE of how Someone/thing else will Sensualize.

CC3A = Your IE of how Someone/thing will Seem (not the Earth).

CC4A = Your IE of what Someone/thing will Give.

CC5A = Your IE of what Someone/thing will Create.

CC6A = Your IE of what Someone/thing will Conceptualize.

CC7 = Your IE of how Deity/Deities will Seem.

So what we are trying to do with the CCs is to have them neither:

Bumptious (Thrusting Outwards – Damaging the External World) or

Self-Deprecating (Thrusting Inwards – Damaging the Inner World).

So, the Theory is, is that if you have Favourable True Notion(s) [FTN(s)] in the 7th Level of Every Chakra, that your CCs won’t be predisposed to Thrusting in reaction to an External Propellant (something that ‘Triggers’ you – it activates your I-HUB by making your Outer Mind aware of the existence of the I-HUB. The Triggering usually inflames your Emotional Body and causes your Chakra Cords to ‘go crazy’).

Chakra 1 = Surviving/Existing:

= FTN of your own Existence

= no Predisposition to Thrusting about the Subject of Surviving/Existing.

Chakra 2A = The Quality of your Sensualizing:

= FTN of your own Distinctive Sensuality

= no Predisposition to Thrusting about the Subject of Sensuality.

Chakra 3A = Your Sense of Self:

= FTN of your own Distinctive Sense of Self

= no Predisposition to Thrusting about the Subject of Self.

Chakra = 4A = FTN of your own Distinctive Way of Giving:

= no Predisposition to Thrusting about the Subject of Giving.

Chakra = 5A = FTN of your own Distinctive Inventions/Creations:

= no Predisposition to Thrusting about the Subject of Inventing/Creating.

Chakra = 6A = FTN of your own Distinctive Ideas:

= no Predisposition to Thrusting about the Subject of Conceptualizing.

Chakra = 7 = FTN of your own Distinctive Belief(s):

= no Predisposition to Thrusting about the Subject of Believing.

So – the Theory is, is that the Subject of each Chakra will predispose you to Stress when presented to you by the External World, if you have an I-HUB about the Chakra Subject in relation to your own Inner Distinction.




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Date: July 26th, ‘19

I go into a lot of detail…

So it’s the end-of-the-month and I don’t have the $ in my budget to travel to Milner Ave. Or Malvern Woods…I’m talking about safety with pulling DSV/BSW…Today is July 27th (the next day) when I’m editing this – and I had a great time pulling the Phragmites from a small patch near the creek in the park today! Enjoy the video!!

Peanuts are a Healthy Fat and are affordable for Low-Income People.

Merriam-Webster’s Definition of Healing:

– intransitive verb

: to become free from injury or disease : to return to a sound state

Merriam- Webster’s Definition of Bumptious:

– presumptuously, obtusely, and often noisily self-assertive : OBTRUSIVE

The squirrels in Black Creek near Aviva Centre are more docile (less active and unpredictable…I suppose cuz no one feeds them Human Food there).

The more Inadvertent Conflicts you have and the more intense they are + Insalubrious Inner Worlds = Physical Disease Sooner

LOL – iMovie only has White Font (kinda blends in with the background).

I-HUBs(Internal Harmful Untrue Belief(s):

I-HUBs about yourself: Self-Deprecating (SD), Bumptious (B)

I-HUBs about the External World: ‘under-rated (too negative), ‘over-rated’ (too positive).

Favourable True Notions (FTNs) = neither SD or B, nor under-rated or over-rated.

Sorry for the typos in the film! It took 1hr and 20mins to upload this video (10 Megabits/s speed). #time

Sorry for not using the same Font Thingie throughout – LOL. I’m not getting paid in advance to do this!!! 🤣




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DATE: Jul 16th, ‘19

Video Link: Dog Strangling Vine Infestation


🙏🏻 Much thanks or coming to my Channel!

My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has Subtle Energy Bodies (SEBs). They become damaged and infected and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.

I was living in Malvern (a neighbourhood of Scarborough) 3 years ago and I noticed Malvern Woods was infested with Dog-Strangling Vine (DSV). It’s better now after I cleared a substantial amount of the DSV within the Wood. There was too much. It was disgusting!!!

I used to walk to an Office Building along Milner Avenue and I noticed a beautiful Woodland from the road (this was in the Winter). Upon closer inspection (in the Summer), I noticed it was – like Malvern Woods – also infested with DSV. It’s no big deal: if I can do it – you can do it! Just pull it out! Destroy its flowers and seeds! Don’t spiritually give love to it. It’s not worth accepting. It has destroyed Eastern Scarborough’s biodiversity and should itself be destroyed!!! (It’s also infesting Western Toronto at the Humber River valley).

I’m excited about collecting 1-3 Baneberry Berries and planting them in my Balcony Planter! I’m trustworthy with these seeds because I care a lot about Baneberry and want it to proliferate again in our Woodlands! Use common sense and don’t eat the berries! Bane = poison.

What was really nice about this Wood that I ‘forgot’ to mention were the several small ferns (Bulbet?) dotted here – and – there. There’s only ONE small fern at Malvern Branch of Highland Creek – Milner South.

You can help out by collecting some (not all) Virginia Creeper berries in Late Summer/Early Fall and planting them along your walls/fences or on your balconies. Just ensure you have an Action Plan to deal with Stupidly Displeased neighbours…

So going back to the Subtle Bodies – regarding the Inner World (Human Energy Field), the Odd Layers get Damaged and the Even Layers get Dirty.

Upon thought, the dirtyness and damagedness might be indicative of Self Deprecation (SD), or Bumptiousness (B). Here’s a thought/some brainstorming:

1st Level of HEF = Etheric Body = Pathology =

Bumptious (Gluttony: Junk Food/Addictive Substances/Overeating) or Self Deprecating (Self Harm/Starvation)

2nd Level of HEF = Emotional Body = Pathology =

Bumptious (manic) or Self Deprecating (depressive) Feelings

3rd Level of HEF = Rational Body = Pathology =

Bumptious (manic) or Self Deprecating (depressive) Thoughts

4th Level of HEF = Relational Body = Pathology =

Bumptious (manic) or Self Deprecating (depressing) Behaviour

(as interpreted by TRUSTWORTHY ‘Others’ (people other than You)

5th Level of HEF = Etheric Template Body = Pathology =

Bumptious (manic) or Self Deprecating (Depressing) Plans

(as interpreted by TRUSTWORTHY ‘Others’ (people other than You).

6th Level of HEF = Celestial Body = Pathology =

Bumptious (manic/exaggerated) or Self Deprecating (Foreboding) Prayers

7th Level of HEF = Ketheric Template Body = Pathology =

Arrogant/ Self-Deprecating Beliefs about Yourself.

So with Energy Healing, what we are trying to do is to obtain Neutrality of the Human Energy Field Levels. I don’t mean to ‘pick on’ people who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder: anyone can have manicness and depressiveness. There probably are gradients of manicness and depressiveness.

Healthy 1st Level = Healthy Etheric Body = Absence of Allergies (Bumptiousness)/ Absence of Numbness (Self-Deprecation) (The physical body seems healthy to a normal person).

Health 2nd Level = Healthy Emotional Body = Absence of Depressive/Manic Feelings

Healthy 3rd Level = Healthy Rational Body = Absence of Depressive/Manic Thoughts

Healthy 4th Level = Health Relational Body = Absence of Depressive/Manic Behaviour

Healthy 5th Level = Healthy Etheric Template Body = Absence of Depressive/Manic Plans

Healthy 6th Level = Healthy Celestial Body = Absence of Depressing/Manic Prayers (as interpreted by TRUSTWORTHY Others)

Healthy 7th Level = Healthy Ketheric Template Body = Absence of Depressing/Manic Beliefs (as interpreted by Yourself via Critical Thinking – due to the seeping, deep, unmistakeable corruption infecting the whole World).




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