***MALVERN WOODS: JUNE 20th ‘19***

***MALVERN WOODS JUNE 20th ‘19*** #biodiversity #urban #invasivespecies
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DATE: June 20th ‘19


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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer. I live in Scarborough – a suburb of Toronto. I have lived here for most of my 35 years. It’s a huge suburb.

I used to live in a neighbourhood called Malvern. Nearby was a park called Malvern Woods. I would go there and meditate.

When I was there, I noticed a large amount of the same vine. Then I realized it was ‘Dog Strangling-Vine’ or Black Swallow-Wort (its formal name). It’s an invasive, non-native plant species. It was brought to Southern Ontario around 1850 and since then has dominated Toronto’s natural areas. Some people call it an ecological disaster. I might agree with them.

The reason BSW is unfavourable is because it creates too many seeds in comparison to its surroundings. So what happens is it creates a ‘monoculture’. Then the mammals who live around it don’t have the same old variety of plants to eat and then probably die of starvation. For example, BSW probably dominates Poison Ivy. This might sound ridiculous, however Poison Ivy is a staple food source for Eastern North American mammals. I think I got this information from University of Pennsylvania’s website.

Anyways, I was delighted about the amount of plant life. It was a nice contrast to the Spring.

Heres some type of ‘Action Plan’ for improving Malvern Woods:

1) Remove the BSW

2) Remove any Garlic Mustard

3) Maybe remove the Enchanter’s Nightshade

4) Get funding to buy more Solomon’s Seal, Skunk Cabbage, Foamflower, Poison Ivy, Sensitive Fern, Beggar’s Tick, Orange Jewel-Weed to improve the Native Plant Cover

Now, I did mention that there was a beautiful swath of Solomon’s Seal in MW. I was upset that it had disappeared. I know I did mention there was some covering the Skunk Cabbage, however the ones that had disappeared were much larger and more beautiful and there was a gorgeous distinguishable clump of them (that was the only clump of them in all the Wood).

I could only guess it was the elderly East Asians who did it. When I lived in the ‘hood 3 years ago, I found some harvesting some type of edible native plant near the roadside. This angered me because in Toronto we don’t have enough edible native plants species in our natural areas to harvest. I know Solomon’s Seal is inedible, however they my have harvested it for its beauty to sell it.

It seems these E.A.who come to Canada don’t care about Canadian Values. They bring their Traditional Chinese Medicine mindset of tiger gallbladder and pandolin scale harvesting and apply that to our native plant species. What they should then do is go to – I think it’s ‘Prairie Moon’.com and buy native plant species from a nursery and plant them in their own garden. They probably have enough money. I worked for a bank before and they were the richest people amongst all the races. It’s suspicious. Is China purposefully choosing its richest citizens to move to Canada to take over and colonize it and make it mono-racially Chinese?!

Our natural areas have Spiritual significance and are probably overseen by Spiritual Beings called ‘Keepers’. These Keepers can bring good luck to you if you respect the native species of plants by praying to them and helping them out by pulling out the invasive non-native species I mentioned.

Plus, I’m not a ‘racist’. It is common knowledge that E.A.might be greedier than any other race because of how they come to Canada with their Sweatshop Money and then buy up old property and tear it down to build a huge monstrous house, gaudily flaunting their corrupt wealth. Then they don a mask of perfection and eschew the Canadian Value of diversity by hiring only their own race. They also refuse to learn English. I worked with a man in a restaurant who was a cook and he didn’t know any English. It was possibly deplorable.

In addition the E.A.might be one of the most boring races because they come from Communism. They flushed their native polytheistic, interesting religion down the toilet and replaced it with some strange reverence for an ugly dictator. Then they were influenced to overpopulate and now you have the population crisis in China with their rivers full of poo and the Pacific Ocean full of their discarded plastic.

***CARDING B.S.*** 🚔 #black #identity #rowdy #bumptious #bumptiousness #rowdiness

***CARDING B.S.***
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Jan 3rd, 2019

I guess around this time I was still an ‘Active Alcoholic’. I suppose I’m an ‘Inactive Alcoholic’ now. I’m not drinking at all. It is important for me to abstain from booze because of my current low income. Secondarily, because of the addictiveness of it. Thirdly – things are so volatile in Toronto due to immigration that it’s somewhat DANGEROUS to drink at all…

I suppose in my ‘Active Alcoholic’ stage I was somewhat numb to the Triggeringness of The Paper. I wouldn’t dare voluntarily pick up that sh*t nowadays…

I’m focusing on race in this video because Toronto is full of systemic, institutionalize Anti-White racism that has been going around since the early 1990s.

The only reason people think that it’s the other way around and that it’s Black people who are the victim is because they have a tradition of being loud-mouthed, bumptious and rambunctious – and this behaviour attracts more attention. So basically my point is they have been upset over something that is make-believe.


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***NYD 2019*** 🇮🇳 #introvert # immigration #internationalstudents #selfemployed 💣

***NYD 2019***
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God: I’m so fat in this Vid.

Thank God I am Self Employed now. I wouldn’t have been able to lose the weight I had if I had remained Employed by a Firm.

I didn’t go out to a bar for NYE b/c I d overspent my money the previous two weeks (on booze – b/c TORONTO SUCKS).

Hate how my hair is puffing out near my Sideburns! Short hair or clipped hair in that area suits me more. I was probably avoiding the Barber to save money (b/c of my previous overspending).

I remember in 2000 I was a Homebody listening to Bjork’s B-Sides and playing King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity.

When I was on that prescription medication given to me by the Court Psychiatrist, simple tasks like cleaning my apartment and doing my laundry BECAME DIFFICULT.

I also noticed there were too many South Asian young men on the bus. The Government is ‘selling out’ Toronto to India. It’s a terrible Silent Invasion of despicable Soft Power.


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