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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES (SEBs). They become damaged and infected – and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.



(Expectations of Seeming and Giving)

Date: June 2nd, ‘19 So in this Vid I go into Detail about the CHAKRA CORDS. I demonstrate their Augmentation. •CHAKRA CORDS that have not been manipulated by/with your Outer Attention = UnAugmented. •CHAKRA CORDS that have been manipulated by/with your Outer Attention = Augmented. It’s like with anything else, the more you pay attention to it, the better it gets. Unless you dislike whatever it is your paying attention. Augmentation basically means: cleaning, repairing and strengthening them.

CHAKRA CORDS are your Inner Expectation Cords (IECs). They attach to the CHAKRAS of other people and other peoples’ chakra cords connect to yours.

3A Inner Expectation Cords (IECs) are about your Inner Expectations of how someone else will Seem.

Now, there’s going to be some people who might have the opinion that you shouldn’t ‘Augment’ or ‘Manipulate’ the CHAKRAS with your Outer Attention. RIDICULOUS!. If that was true, then the same thing should apply to your Beauty Routine in the morning, or brushing your teeth, or improving and/or maintaining your voice for singing. It’s probably some type of Natural Law: paying more Favourable Attention to something improves it, whatever it is. Same applies to your Inner Worlds: Chakras, Human Energy Field, Haric Line, and Core Star.

So as I mentioned previously, each Inner Expectation Cord (CHAKRA CORD) stems from a certain CHAKRA. I prefer to call the CHAKRAS ‘Inner Potentialities’ (IPs). The Theory is that if you have a physical problem in a certain area of your body, that the Inner Potetiality in that area IS ALSO UNHEALTHY (Dirty or Damaged) and Repairing and Cleaning that particular CHAKRA should improve the physical health of the area ‘after-the-fact’. ‘After-the-fact’ means after the Energy Healer (me) doesn’t see and Damage or Infection in the CHAKRA. You’ll have to trust me. I’m not forcing your to trust me – however this sickening over-skepticism that has infected North America has to stop. If we couple it with fostering Critical Thinking, then things should improve. CRITICAL THINKING is thinking ON YOUR OWN. It is getting a pen and a paper and writing down your thoughts (which are probably your Inner Thoughts stemming from your Rational Body) and then analyzing them with your own Conscious Mind (your Outer Attention). This will ensure you don’t get BEGUILED by a Scammer. The whole reason people in North America have gotten BEGUILED by Scammers in the past 50 years is because their 7th Chakras have been Overcharged (too much Belief in the Scammer). If only their Haric Line was healthy and they actually took the time to THINK CRITICALLY AND NOT BE LAZY BLOBS, this over-skepticism wouldn’t exist. So in this Video, I demonstrate Augmentation of the 3A and the 4A CHAKRA CORDS!

DELIBERATE CONFLICT is probably a means to improve society. I know some of you my be against conflict in general and I don’t care because that is foolishness. Deliberate Conflict is the CONSCIOUS use of force to improve someone or something. The difference is, is that the Initiator of the Conflict CONSCIOUSLY KNOWS WHY THEY ARE BEING FORCEFUL SO THEY CAN EXPLAIN TO THE Idiot to whom they are applying the force so the Idiot will Understand that they were MISBEHAVING and then because of the new understanding not have the same misbehaviour in the future. Nonetheless, North America is a society that is obsessed with ‘peace’ (i.e: no confrontation at all). Due to this, I should warn against initiating Deliberate Conflict in North America, because you might end up with a Criminal Charge.

To conclude: a lot of my Practise is about improving/augmenting Clients’ CHAKRAS to prevent INADVERTENT CONFLICT. Improving your CHAKRA CORDS will improve the relationship they have with other peoples’ CHARKA CORDS, and therefore lessen the chances of INADVERTENT CONFLICT happening!

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