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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES (SEBs). They become damaged and infected – and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.


— Read on Morning Exercise #3

Date: May 13th, ‘19

So this was some early morning in May.

I was using my new tripod! YAY!!

So in this video I demonstrate PRANAYAMA. So to ‘Regular People’ who didn’t learn Yoga at 14 and then become somewhat expert at it: PRANAYAMA is simply ‘Breathing Exercises’. Out of all the Pranayamas, I prefer what’s called ‘Alternate Nostril Breathing’, however one of my nostrils is usually clogged (which is normal for everyone). I make a joke out of it and simply call it ‘One Nostril Breathing’ 🤣. For those Idiots out there: I breathe in and out of ONE nostril. This probably pressurizes The Nadis so that when you release the finger from your Nostril and breathe normally – the WASTE that has accumulated along the Nadis is shunted out of your Human Energy Field (either out through your 1st or 7th Chakra Cords). I surmise The Nadis are basically the Odd Levels of your Human Energy Field (but somewhat connected). Same goes for Meridians. Meridians and Nadis probably have commonalities which make them more factual in terms of the Human Energy Field. The Waste is probably residue from the adjacent Even Levels. For example:

– Waste on the Etheric Body would be from an Insalubrious Emotional Body

– Waste on the Rational Body would be from either or both an Insalubrious Emotional Body or Relational Body

– Waste on the Etheric Template Body would be from either or both an Insalubrious Relational Body or Celestial Body

– Waste on the Ketheric Template Body would be from either or both an Insalubrious Celestial Body or 8th Level (somewhat insignificant).

Out of anything to massage, I prefer massaging feet. The feet are the ‘gateway’ to the 1st CHAKRA. I call the CHAKRAS ‘Inner Potentialities’. ‘Inner’ expresses the fact that the CHAKRAS are probably usually below the level of the Conscious Mind (unless you know how to identify them with your conscious attention – which is actually what ‘Chakra Work’ is).

There’s some demonstration of HARIC LINE ALIGNMENT (HLA), but it’s only for less than a minute. The Squats at 5:33 were fun!. Squats augment the INNER POTENTIALITY 1 (on the first 3 levels of the Human Energy Field). I presume most people believe that the Physical and the Spiritual are separate: however with the CHAKRAS they are not. If you do Squats, you’ll be charging/nourishing the first 3 Levels of you Human Energy Field (Etheric,Emotional, Rational), which should then have a Reverse Harmonic Induction Effection (Harmonic Reduction?) to the ‘Upper/Spiritual’ Levels of Etheric Template, Celestial, and Ketheric Template Bodies.

I would love to mention the significance of Blowing Your Nose (BYN) when you need to. BYN is a great way to get rid of toxins. I don’t mean overdoing it, just blowing it when it gets kinda full. I also don’t mean to make it obvious. There is this weird fad in North America ever since the early 1990s to flaunt disgusting bodily functions. In terms of Rules: flaunting should be prohibited. Flaunting and Boasting might be some sort of Propellant that is COMMONLY SUBCONSCIOUSLY INTERPRETED BY OTHERS AS A CONTESTATION. CONTESTATION most likely means a fight/confrontation. So if you want to avoid Inadvertent Conflicts, you should stop deliberately boasting and flaunting. Anyway: back to Blowing Your Nose (BYN). If you force yourself to ignore that you have to BYN, your ETHERIC BODY will become INSALUBRIOUS and predispose you to eventual physical disease (if it’s an inner rule of yours to ignore the need to BYN). Ignoring your ETHERIC BODY signal (that feeling that you get when you want to BYN) will make you irritated (sully your EMOTIONAL BODY) and the Unfavourable Emotion of irritation will predispose you to Inadvertent Conflict (IC).

Your INNER WORLDS get mainly:


The HUMAN ENERGY FIELD is comprised of ‘Even’ & ‘Odd’ Levels. The Even Levels are fluid and the Odd Levels are static. The Even Levels move and the Odd Levels don’t. The Odd Levels somewhat disappear and reappear. For example: if you have an insensible Inner Thought, it will show as a break in the line of your Rational Body. Once you identify that thought with your Conscious Mind and analyze it, you can then transform it to a Rational Thought by adding New Information (factual,proportional,contextual, relevant) , and/or deleting Old Information (unfactual, disproportionate, incontextual, irrelevant).

For example, the Even Levels are the EMOTIONAL BODY, the RELATIONAL BODY, and the CELESTIAL BODY. Emotions might need to flow. People like ‘chill’ people with whom to interact (RELATIONAL BODY) & Spirits and Celestial Beings just kinda show up whenever they want to (LOL!).

The Odd Levels are the ETHERIC BODY, the RATIONAL BODY, the ETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY, and the KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY. The ETHERIC BODY is from where the Physical signals you get to look after your own body originate. They ‘don’t lie’. There is no ‘room for error’ with these signals. You either feel pain or you don’t. You either feel hungry or you don’t. You either need to blow your nose, or you don’t.

The Rational Body is basically the abode of Linear Thought in the Human Energy Field (HEF). EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT LINEAR THOUGHT! 🎉

The ETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY is – in my opinion – basically linked to your ability to Plan. It’s all about Planning. It’s linked to the future and what will be, just like Plans are linked to the future and what might be. It’s probably also connected to your thoughts about the Future.

The KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY is basically where your Beliefs lie in your HEF. You either Believe something or you don’t. You may break down your Belief into sub-beliefs, however these sub-beliefs are still fixed. They are not fluid. They can’t change. They are similar to facts. You can change whether or not you Believe (verb a Belief (noun).

Beliefs might not be factual or not. Some beliefs may be partially factual. Some beliefs may not be factual at all.

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