***THIRD CHAKRA EXERCISE*** #energyhealing #kundaliniyoga #energyhealer

***THIRD CHAKRA EXERCISE*** #energyhealing #kundaliniyoga #energyhealer
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Date: May 6th ‘19

On this day, I was exercising my 3rd Chakra (Inner Potentiality). The 3rd Inner Potentiality has two parts: A (Front of the Body) and B (Back of the Body). Chakra Cords (Inner Expectations) come from each Inner Potentiality to connect to the co-responding Inner Potentiality of the other (3A connects with 3A). Person A’s 3A Inner Potentiality connects to Person B’s 3A Inner Potentiality via 3A Inner Expectations (Chakra Cords). This exercise augments the 1st 3 Levels of Human Energy Field at the level of the 3rd Chakra.




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***MORNING EXERCISE #1*** #hathayoga #millennial #hoodie

***MORNING EXERCISE #1*** #hathayoga #millennial #hoodie
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Thx for joining me this Morning! Welcome to my Small Apartment.

Exercising every morning after you wake up is a good idea!!

I might understand that you might not be able to because you hate your boss and simply the thought of them causes you to cringe and want to sleep in! 🤣

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My formal education is in Massage Therapy, however to be successful as a Massage Therapist I will have to market to Sporty people. I’ve never been into sports and I’m too old now to force myself to get into it. Life is too short to pretend to be into something I’m not…no one is going to intimidate me into pretending! 💪🏻 ⚔️

Hardstyle might have a special place in my Heart. I first ‘learned’ about it when living on Baycrest Ave. I found a lovely video on YT about MOH in Italy. It was a great video. I think it’s been deleted now. It really enthused me and augmented my Hatha Yoga ‘personal practice’ at that time in my life.

I don’t understand why more men don’t look after themselves. It’s worth it. The External World will reciprocate with more Beauty for you!!! Beauty might be the only thing that defeats psychological disorders! I’m reminded of this awfully overweight man I saw near Shoppers Drug Mart. At least he was riding a bicycle, however his gut was sagging down like something awful! Too much beer, junk food and Internal Harmful Untrue Beliefs (I-HUBs) that maintain that pitiful lifestyle.

I bought this Hoodie with a gift card my sister gave me.

My hair looks sexy!!! I’m pretty happy with how sexy I look now: around September of last year I was overweight and greasy looking.

The Throat Exercise is important because a lot of people have gross Throat Areas.




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So today I feel fat.

For some reason I have gotten into watching scary stuff on YouTube.  It began with Mr.Nightmare‘s Channel, and now I’m watching Lutch Green‘s stuff.  Lutch’s stuff is far more gruesome and gory than the previous Channels I’ve watced. I guess I watch this stuff because off the small amount of excitement and thrill you get from being scared or disgusted.

Happily, I only drank one half pint of that godawful beer that that cheap-ass bar serves in my Sales Territory. Another happy note: the Kundalini Yoga I did this morning has energized my Etheric Body so now I’m reacting adversely to the beer: it’s made me feel kind of bloated and uncomfortable. So I’m more in tune with my body.

Still have to go to the gym tonight.  Still should lose weight. Every day counts!