So I am using the keyboard my sister and parents bought me for Xmas. It feels nice to type ‘normal’ again.

***March 9th ’19 Update: that keyboard copped out a couple weeks ago so I had to buy a new one. I bought a cheap one at a computer store in downtown.***

I feel kind of fat because i just had a bowl of cereal. I’m meticulous about getting my vitamins, so i chose the cereal called Just Right, which seems to have the most vitamins and minerals of all the cereals at the supermarket.

OMG…I really have missed typing on a keyboard!

Being so poor, I should use the library computers sometimes, however I feel such shame and embarrassment for using them. I didn’t used to. For 4 years I would go to the Toronto Reference Library several days a week and work on my analysis of Energy Healing. Involved in that was a lot of typing in Word. Sadly I lost all that work I did because the USB that had all the info on it was in a backpack I threw out.

I am much against taking psychotropic drugs. I grew up trusting and esteeming the field of psychiatry – but then I learned the side effects of drugs can be worse than the symptoms they are treating.



So I’ve gotten a reply to an Energy Healing ad I posted on Kijiji.  I’m happy about that.  I wrote back asking why the woman was interested and am awaiting a response.

Update: Bitch didn’t respond!

Went to the library today and it took the usual amount of time to find a book.  Forever!!! I don’t understand why there are so many mystery books.  

Are THAT MANY people into death and dying?  

…Like all mystery books are centred around a murder or murders of some sort.  I used to be keen on reading Agatha Christie, however now I would need data on my phone to be able to access an online dictionary so I could decipher Christie’s ‘Old English’.

It hasn’t snowed that much here.  I kind of like the snow when I’m promoting on my corner because it may make me appear mysterious – in a good way.

So thankfully I went out to do SOME promotion work today.  Got my YouTube video done and my poem.  Went to buy some groceries, and noticed baby carrots were not even $2 for a bag.  Looking forward to buying them regularly in the future.

(March 8th ’19 Update: I now eat carrots regularly – several times a week).

GOOD MEMORY (of before the BS)…

So I went out to sell today.  It was successful in the fact that I only drank one ounce of whisky before selling and I didn’t drink anything before I left for home.  

I’m kinda annoyed that it’s just going to get colder and colder here in T.O, but there’s nothing I can do about it  other than wearing warmer clothes.  

It’s my birthday in about a week and my parents agreed to make a dinner for me.  My sister and her kids might show up too.

I’m glad I had a thought of buying carrots today.  

I’ve been worried about my eyesight, since I have to wear glasses.  I used to buy baby carrots and take them to the library with me.  I used to eat very healthy (except for not getting enough leafy greens for a while) by taking cheese sticks, and custom mixed nuts, dates, and carrots with me during the day.  I’m looking forward to restarting that habit, but I’m worried about the cost off the nuts…


I’ve had a FUCKING AWFUL day.  Well – not really.  

I stood on my corner to promote.  At least that is a success!  

My FAILURE today was I had too many beers: one pint before talking the bus into town, and several half pints once I got into the neighbourhood I was working at.  

Now I have a library book so I can pass the time on the bus without being distracted by all the people I hate.  (March 8th Update: I no longer *hate* the people on Public Transit. I guess the hatred of them was linked to my alcoholism. Maybe it had to do I was taking transit to get to a job I didn’t want to go to. It was probably both. The ‘good news’ is that I am no longer having the same bad feelings anymore. Also, I got some wicked rebate from the Government and used that to buy ‘YouTube Music’ on my phone and some earbuds. Listening to music REALLY HELPS pass the time on transit. I didn’t do that before because I didn’t have a YT Music subscription, I didn’t have earbuds, and I think there was some technical issue at the time with connecting WI-FI to my phone which is now resolved).

If I don’t have a book, I drink beer before I get on or I take a coffee with me.  (Update: I am no longer drinking coffee from Outside anymore! Yay! I drink my coffee before leaving my house – and I’m set! For some reason I’m not enticed to drink any when I’m outside doing work. I guess it’s the music again…Saving me money and helping me boycott anti-White businesses in Toronto!)

Now things are getting better – I just have to avoid getting into tipsy fights.