So I’ve just returned from the Food Bank and I’m eating ‘Dark Chocolate Ghost Pepper Almonds’ that they gave me. The bag they came in looks good – impressive design and quality of bag. The almonds themselves looked good. The first 3 tasted yummy, but then the spiciness of the ‘ghost pepper’ hit me. I can’t eat them as fast anymore 😦

I go to the Food Bank because I don’t have my own income. I’m somewhat addicted to alcohol. I haven’t been drinking lately, but I don’t know when I might start again and head on down to the bar. I’m crossing my fingers I won’t.

Anyways, I am newly self employed and because of that I have to ‘market’ myself. So I’ve been doing that everyday. Ideally I should have some fancy post-card sized thingamijig marketing tool and put that in 5000 mailboxes of a neighbourhood I’m targeting. But I can’t afford that. So instead I buy 500 business cards and then put them up in bus shelters and at those ‘public message centre’ thingies around town. It suits me!

I’m not in the mood to go door-to-door to businesses and make some sort of pitch. That takes a lot of energy. Plus you have to deal with the rejection. Even asking them to have their permission to place my business card somewhere prominent in their store would be too much. I wouldn’t like to deal with asshol-ism right now.

Toronto is full of assholes. I got one calling about my Energy Therapy card. I believe he tried to sabotage me by trying to humiliate me by making me look gullible by believing his story that he wanted to have an incestuous relationship. Seriously – he was rude! The second Idiot who called me patronized me because when I accidentally coughed into the phone (I said ‘sorry’ before I coughed), he was like “Do you have tuberculosis or something?”. PRETTY INSULTING! So by then I knew he wasn’t serious about my service and I hung up on him and blocked him. Toronto’s in a war right now (because of immigration) and I’m not going to be the weakling who gets trampled to death.

Anyways, another reason I go to the Food Bank is so eventually I’ll have enough money saved up to buy more marketing materials for my small businesses.

They gave me a bag of onions, carrots and potatoes. I believe that potatoes shouldn’t be put in the fridge – but I’ll check.

Ok – so it looks like the best bet for my potatoes will be to put them in my cupboard out of a plastic bag. The website I went to says if you keep them in the fridge they will become gritty and sweet.

Next thing is: how do you store onions? Ok – it looks like the best place to store them would be the same place as the potatoes! Be back in a sec!

Next: how do you cook carrots without peeling them (I don’t have a peeler and don’t want to buy one)? Ok, it says that you don’t have to peel carrots – just scrub them.

Eww these ghost pepper almonds are too spicy! Bleh!

OK – how do I store eggplant? Sh*t son! It looks like you shouldn’t keep eggplant in the fridge – in the same place as the potatoes and onions!’sPaypal


So I’m having coffee in the evening so I can write my Blog. As you may know I’m supposed to write my blog daily – but I haven’t been because I’ve been too tired from my unpaid marketing work for myself. At the moment I am taping my business card to the wall of bus shelters around the city.

Up until a few day ago I was handing out my biz cards to the right looking people (my target market), but when I tried to do it on the 24th and only one person accepted my card, it made me too vexed at people to do it until now.

I’m still feeling a bit unhappy about that day, however once my Energy Healing biz cards will run out (I have more ordered on the way), I’ll hand out my Massage biz cards. I’ve been thinking about writing ‘feet only’ massage on them. I think that’s fitting because it has been years since I practiced massage and the feet for me are a great starting point.



Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my daily blog posts. Yesterday I just felt so shitty. I was so sure I was going to get a response from my biz cards, but nothing yet. I don’t understand people.

I’m just glad I don’t work in someone else’s office with some bitch or asshole breathing down my neck, bugging me to get clients. I’ll get them on my own, and I know it takes time, but my hatred for managers is so deep. – and no, I will definitely NOT take any type of psychotropic drug to deal with my hatred. In my opinion, psychotropic drugs have side effects worse than the problems they treat.

I’m so glad I’m devoting all my time now to my self employment!



Frigid, chilly Canada.  

I stood outside for 2 hrs 30 mins to get people to take my card. My target market……………..

I had to wait for them to come in earshot and then ask them if they had Facebook………………  

I may do it again tomorrow to increase my Facebook patronage………………..

My intent is not to care how cold it is – I want and maybe even need to get this done……………..

I’m not going to keep myself inside like a coward against the cold.’sPaypal