VIDEO LINK: Not All Non-Native Plants are Invasive

DATE: July 11th, ‘19

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In this short Vid I bring you to a cute rectangular plot of land between the major road and the sidewalk. Here lies BIODIVERSITY. It’s somewhat astonishing because the majority of the plants may be non-native: however they aren’t invasive. Look at them ‘co-existing’. So cute!

So we got a variety of colours and shapes of flowers here. I used to think that the different shapes and colours of Natural Plants in Natural Areas had a favourable effect on the Human Psyche. I presumed that they reminded peoples’ ‘Conscious Mind’ of their own Inner Distinction. 😛 😛

P.S: I’m not trying to deliberately TRIGGER Native People by mentioning that the majority of pretty flowers here are non-native…Just so ya kno! I dun wanna be ***ATTACKED***. 😉




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***BRIMLEY WOODS*** #scarborough #nativeplants #asianinvasion

***BRIMLEY WOODS*** #Scarborough #nativeplants #asianinvasion
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May 12th, ‘19

So I went to Brimley Woods in North Scarborough recently. It’s the most beautiful Woodland I’ve been to. Beats Malvern Woods, Murison Woods, and Deekshill Park by a landslide. I touch upon how North Scarborough has been invaded by East Asians. It’s almost uniformly East Asian.

I didn’t see any Garlic Mustard inside the Woods at all! I saw some around the entrance.




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