DATE: Mar.19th’20

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ALRIGHT! SO A COUPLE DAYS AGO I HAD A LOVELY OUTING IN MY HOOD OF EAST SCARBS. WENT TO MURISON PARK. I DIVIDE IT BETWEEN MURISON WOODS NORTH AND SOUTH, WITH MILNER AVE. BISECTING BOTH. THE WHOLE PARK IS QUITE BIODIVERSE, HOWEVER THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE VISITING MURISON WOODS NORTH HAS DIMINISHED THE AMOUNT OF PLANT LIFE. I walk to Sheppard Ave E. to put up my ads on those Cork Boards affixed to Bus Shelters (because I can’t afford Business Cards to put in mailboxes right now). Have fun learning about our native plants and animals here in the city!!!

Thanks to Metapho App for letting me keep track of the recording date of my Vids. A huge shout out to Lumafusion for providing superior quality editing than iMovie!








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