Sitting here eating my crappy dinner I just made. The carrots are too crunchy – but I haven’t cooked anything like this for 3 years – such is a life of poverty. I used to be content at just cracking open a can of peas, adding creamy salad dressing to it – and eating it. Now, possibly ironically, the food from the Food Bank has gotten me cooking. They gave me carrots and onions and potatoes, so I looked up how to sauté potatoes and got an adequate video by Gordon Ramsay. When I was living at Jane Street, I wouldn’t have been able to cook. The people with whom I lived disgusted me too much that I couldn’t even cook in the kitchen! (And I don’t want any of you FUCKERS to come to me and say that I shouldn’t be disgusted by certain people. FUCK YOU and your stupid view of LOVING everyone UNCONDITIONALLY. What a load of crap that is!!! And don’t even change the subject to some shitty personal attack and say I’m being too emotional).

I also wanted to add the carrots and the onions to the potatoes. Initially I wanted to sauté all of them together, but my pan wasn’t big enough (there were a lot of potatoes). It called for olive oil, but all I had was vegetable oil. I skipped the tablespoon or so of butter with the potatoes, but I bought the rosemary. I forgot to chop the rosemary, but overall the potatoes are tasty. I simply cut up the onion, cut up the carrots somewhat (after cleaning them), and then sautéed them together in the same pan the potatoes were in. I added salt and pepper to both the potatoes and the other veggies. It seems like the dish is missing something. Originally I had thought of putting the stuff on toast with herby cream cheese – but I forgot about that and the carrots are too big and crunchy anyways to enjoy with toast. The hardness of the carrots would DESTROY the toast!

I’ve had too many carrots today anyways. I buy baby carrots from the grocery store and then partition them into sandwich bags. There is usually too many carrots per bag. What happened today was I ate a whole bag of carrots and then of course had stomach pain. Whatever. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have more self control. I thought of putting less carrots in a bag and replacing the half of carrots with celery – since I eat celery and carrots daily. Carrots are good for eye health and celery – well, celery is a vegetable so it’s obviously good for you. More specifically it has fibre. Dieticians are CRAZY about fibre.’sPaypal



So went to the gym this evening: only went for half an hour.  

Went for an hour yesterday because of the pint of beer I had to have before leaving for the gym because there was some psycho weirdo guy in the bus shelter.  I tried to be able to deal with him around, but when the bus came, I was too irritated to take it.

Like – I may see the gym as a sort of punishment.  I would love to just stay in my apartment and drink beer all evening and watch stuff on the internet, but that would cause me to get even fatter, plus I’d feel guilty for drinking at home (because I have a ‘No Drinking Rule’ at home).

I remember the time I lived in that awesome house on Baycrest Avenue, I had had a couple beers at the local bar (which was on Avenue Rd…such a hoity toity place). Upon getting home I ended up spilling the beans and reaming out my female housemate for being a slut.  LOL.  

I had to move from that house because apparently the landlord said some of his extended family needed a place to live and they needed my bedroom. The neighbour next door said that wasn’t true. I didn’t question her because it would have incensed me. She probably heard the slut complain about me on her cell when she was out the side door smoking (within earshot of the neighbour’s backyard. It’s not like that wasn’t the only time we had an argument.  I think another days before that we had an argument and the landlord was hiding somewhere and then he asked me why we weren’t getting along and I said it was because we weren’t having sex.  Clarissa was horny all the time and coming onto me whenever she was around me, but I wasn’t into women at the time so i found it annoying.  



So today is Dec 3rd, a Monday.  I killed two baby cockroaches in my apartment today.  I don’t know where they’re coming from!  They’re so disgusting!  I’m going to search on google and try to find some type of home remedy that I can use – like place it in several places to attract and kill the cockroaches.

March 8th ’19 Update: Well, it’s OBVIOUSLY March the 8th now – so it’s been 3 months since I wrote this post. JUST YESTERDAY I found a powder at Canadian Tire with which to deter cockroaches. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to find a product. I guess I had TOO MUCH faith in finding a home remedy. YouTube had some sh*t, but people in the comments were saying it wasn’t working. Also I’ve been pretty tight with my budgeting.

I assume that all of Toronto’s apartment buildings have cockroaches.  I did rent a room in one on Don Mills that I can’t remember any cockroaches – which is strange.  Maybe the owner of the unit was fastidious about them and already made some sort of home remedy to kill them all.  I *do* remember he sent me a nasty text about how I didn’t clean the whole apartment properly (each Renter had to take turns cleaning the Common Areas of the apartment every week). He wanted me to pick stuff up and move it so I could clean behind it and beneath it. That man was a bastard.  So pathetic.  I’m pretty sure he gambled a lot of money and that’s why he had to rent out his bedroom to someone new.  He then moved into what was the dining room and made some kind of makeshift bedroom in it.  That’s when I stopped using the living room – because the living room was directly attached to the dining room and there wouldn’t have been any privacy.  I have a really good memory of giving head to some hot dude on the balcony, before the shit landlord moved into the dining room.  He was so disgusting.  He used to shower with *THE WORST* smelling body wash and it stank up the bathroom afterwards.  When I told him I was moving out, he freaked out and I think told me to leave in 3 days or something stupid like that.  I remember he sent me a slew of nasty text messages around that time, and I *think* I developed some type of ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ from that moment.

Anyways, I’m pleased with myself for going to the gym tonight.