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Jan. 19th ‘19

I talk much about the HARIC LINE in this Vid. Remember: your HARIC LINE is your DEEPER INNER WORLD (D.I.W). It’s your Intentionality Dimension. Following your INNER INTEN (InIn) smooths out your INNER EXPECTATIONS (Chakra Cords) and prevents SULLYING of your Human Energy Field Levels (HEF-Ls).

Sorry fo the recording being so loud at some points. I’m just learning how to record properly. It didn’t sound fuzzy in iMovie. I guess YouTube’s Conversion Thingie was malfunctioning.

The more you focus your OUTER ATTENTION (OA) on Excellence, the closer to Death you will get, Because the further away your OA will be from the Earth. Your 1st Chakra is closest to the Earth and your 7th Chakra is furthest away. Your Individuality Point – which represents your Inner Excellence, is even further away from the Earth than your 7th Chakra. Even though we’re talking mere inches, it still might be a big deal.

This is for people who are always trying to Strive for excellence – Do you know how jealous you are making the people around you? They probably detest you! Not only that, Striving for excellence SULLIES your RELATIONAL BODY by making itbrittle and pitchy.

LET’S BE CLEAR: An Insalubrious HEF-L is basically:

i) dirty

ii) damaged.

Again, an IP-Thrust of an INNER POTENTIALITY causes the linked HEF-L of that IP to become INSALUBRIOUS.

I’m coughing so much b/c of all the Bedbug/Cockroach powder in my apartment, and plus my Throat is trying to get rid of toxins that was stuck there for awhile (I have been doing much neck exercises, and they’ve increased the ‘aliveness’ of my neck/throat).

Thank you so much Pixabay.com for the beautiful free stock photos!!!

CAVEAT: When I said ‘Social tension is bad’ I meant ‘disadvantageous’.

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