***WHITE SUFFERING*** #timhortons #diversity #equalopportunity #employmentequity #affirmativeaction #reverseracism

***WHITE SUFFERING*** #timhortons #diversity #equalopportunity #employmentequity #affirmativeaction
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Jan 15th, 2019

So this Vid is of me objecting to the anti-White BS in Toronto (and maybe the rest of Canada). I’m of the age now where I should be self-employed. Anyways, when people reach 30, they have gained enough Worldy experience to start and maintain their own business for the rest of their lives. I have to mention that the Destitute White Man on the Subway smelled of ‘ketones’. I just read that ketosis is a symptom of Diabetes. Alcoholism can cause Diabetes. I presumed the man smelled like this because he was an alcoholic. I’m going to take the noble role and focus on WHY he was an alcoholic. This doesn’t also mean justifying the alcoholism, but actually acknowledging the Actual Reason for the alcoholism. In this instance I believe that this man is an alcohlic because of his difficulty getting employment in Toronto due to the actual anti-White and anti-male Institutional/Systemic Racism supported by the Government (I’m just stating the obvious, White Elites are just harming themselves by denying it) and of living in a Rooming House with non-Whites (and maybe Females).

Just today in my Apartment Building, all the guys who were vacating old apartments were East Asian. That doesn’t represent Diversity. What would represent Diversity would be there to be a mix of races working for the same Firm that is doing the work of vacating the apartments.

The same thing with the Cleaners and Superintendents employed by the Building. They are all South Asian. What would better represent Diversity would be a mix of races, not just South Asian.

The same thing happened with all the guys who were updating the TV fibre optic system in the Building.

Diversity seems to be an Anti-White sham.

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My couch reminds me of the Black lecher who gave it to me. Whenever he sees me, he tries to come on to me. I think it’s the drugs. A normal person wouldn’t be able to be THAT flirtatious with anyone. When I first went to his house – because I was being nice – he asked me if I wanted some cocaine. I am anti-drug.For some reason today I was very sad. In the beginning of the day, it was because I hadn’t left my house early enough to do marketing for my business. Then, later in the day I became unhappy over the South Asian invasion my city is undergoing. I can’t trust my MP to listen to me complain about it: he’s probably some idiot cuc.k.



So i’m siting at home in the afternoon. It is New Year’s Day and I’ve already been out and about putting up my business cards in bus shelters. I know that may seem like a pretty crappy way to promote a business – but I don’t have any capital to fund my marketing.

I am very unhappy with the amount of young South Asians in Scarborough. They are invading the city! They don’t care about diversity. Their hiring managers only hire their own kind. They don’t try and learn about other races and hang out with them. It is disgusting that me as a White person in Toronto has done all of that for most of his life and these newbies who aren’t put under the same pressure!



Didn’t go to the gym yesterday, but should have.  It was Saturday and there was too much shit going on in the hallway outside my apartment.  I got scared so sequestered myself in my apt for the night, instead of going out to the gym.  I didn’t want to bump into any drug dealers or shady people – I wasn’t in the mood and I would have gotten into some regrettable fight.  

I’m happy I’ve started listening to Bjork again.  Growing up, in my teens and early 20s I was an avid fan.  I loved her albums Homogenic and Vespertine.  Her new stuff is a bit strange.  

I have a headache, but that’s my fault.  Oh well, it will go away.

I highly resent these South Asian security guards in the lobby of my building.  They work for G4S which I hires more South Asians than any other race.  It’s kinda scary, because I’ve seen a lot of young South Asian security guards around.  It’s kinda creepy – because like they are spying on Canada and have some sinister military motive in being security guards.  I dont trust them and I don’t like their annoying language.  At least I went to a White secondary school when I was younger.  That was during the 90s, when it was cool to be Black, and for some reason my school got hate from all those bumptious, insolent Blacks.  Just watch the YouTube channel ‘binaryballs olo 2’.