DATES: Aug 7th, 9th, and 10th ‘19

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ALRIGHTY!!! So it seems like I’m ‘losing interest’ in making videos. Umm…I think my Attention is just going elsewhere! It’s not like I have ADD or sumthing…It’s more like a Spirit(s) or a Deity(ies) is/are directing me to do something else: i.e: COMPLETE MY WEBSITE! I know it’s not ME that wants to complete the website, because my InIn is actually more inclined to keep making videos about Natural Areas.

WTF – you shouldn’t actually contest a Deity or a Spirit. It probably won’t work.

So this is THREE VIDEOS from THREE SEPARATE DAYS – in one! Hahaha!

I prefer the ‘Pop’ filter that YouTube freely provides to enhance video attractiveness, however it tends to slightly blur the borders of things. In addition, I added in a new Soundtrack to the vid, however it showed up too quiet after it was uploaded to YT. Next time I’ll ensure it’s louder.




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Date: July 26th, ‘19

I go into a lot of detail…

So it’s the end-of-the-month and I don’t have the $ in my budget to travel to Milner Ave. Or Malvern Woods…I’m talking about safety with pulling DSV/BSW…Today is July 27th (the next day) when I’m editing this – and I had a great time pulling the Phragmites from a small patch near the creek in the park today! Enjoy the video!!

Peanuts are a Healthy Fat and are affordable for Low-Income People.

Merriam-Webster’s Definition of Healing:

– intransitive verb

: to become free from injury or disease : to return to a sound state

Merriam- Webster’s Definition of Bumptious:

– presumptuously, obtusely, and often noisily self-assertive : OBTRUSIVE

The squirrels in Black Creek near Aviva Centre are more docile (less active and unpredictable…I suppose cuz no one feeds them Human Food there).

The more Inadvertent Conflicts you have and the more intense they are + Insalubrious Inner Worlds = Physical Disease Sooner

LOL – iMovie only has White Font (kinda blends in with the background).

I-HUBs(Internal Harmful Untrue Belief(s):

I-HUBs about yourself: Self-Deprecating (SD), Bumptious (B)

I-HUBs about the External World: ‘under-rated (too negative), ‘over-rated’ (too positive).

Favourable True Notions (FTNs) = neither SD or B, nor under-rated or over-rated.

Sorry for the typos in the film! It took 1hr and 20mins to upload this video (10 Megabits/s speed). #time

Sorry for not using the same Font Thingie throughout – LOL. I’m not getting paid in advance to do this!!! 🤣




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DATE: July 6th, ‘19

Welcome back to my Channel!

Thanks for joining me!

So in this Episode I will be returning to the Malvern Branch of the Highland Creek in Scarborough ON to do some work – removing Dog-Strangling Vine (Black-Swallow Wort). Black-Swallow Wort (BSW) is one of THE NASTIEST invasive species afflicting Toronto (Scarborough is a massive suburb of Toronto). The other two ‘Naughties’ are: Garlic Mustard (GM) and Phragmities (P). When you have totally removed BSW from a landscape, but beneath the BSW are GM babies, then the GM will replace the BSW as the invasive species! GM is easier to remove the BSW. DON’T BE DISCOURAGED by the ‘Proper’ way of removing BSW:

– Pulling BSW by your hands to the root has the following advantages:

– Even though some of the roots are still in the ground:

– They may become infected from the cut at the point where the stem broke

– Any new growth will be weaker than the removed growth

– If you remove a long stalk with flowers:

-You prevented seeds from forming! This is a BIG DEAL!

– You prevented a Monarch Butterfly’s eggs from being poisoned by the BSW flower

– You removed big leaves along with the stalk

– The surrounding Native plants will get more:

– Light

– Carbon Dioxide

-…and therefore be healthier and stronger!

I first became aware of the imbalance in Scarborough’s Natural Environment when I lived with an abusive Housemate. I would go to Malvern Woods to meditate and get away from him. There, maybe with my High Sense Perception, I noticed that the Woods were infested with one particular vine. Upon research I learned it was an Invasive Species and detrimental to the ecosystem. On an Energetic level, I have noticed that the soil beneath where DSV is, is ‘dead’. Scientifically – it has been proven that DSV’s roots can be toxic to Native Plants’ roots. They also may kill or repel Native Micro-organisms and insects from inhabiting the soil around them.

Again – in this video I demonstrate Haric Line Alignment (HLA). This time between the Soul Seat (SS) and the Individuality Point (IDP). The IDP is where your Inner Excellence lies, and your SS is where your Inner Enthusiasm lies. When both are healthy, they can absorb the Essence radiating from your Core Star. Your Core Star is your ‘Deepest Inner World’ (my definition). If your Core Star can radiate into your IDP, then your 7th and 6th Chakras – I prefer to call them ‘Inner Potentialities’ (IPs) – will most likely be healthy. If your 7th and 7th IPs are healthy, then most likely you won’t have any type of brain disease. More specifically, if your 7th IP is healthy, then your Beliefs will also be healthy – because your 7th IP supplies your Ketheric Template Body (KTB) with energy. Your KTB is the 7th Level of your Human Energy Field (HEF), and governs Believing. If it is healthy, your Beliefs will favourably represent the essence from your Core Star – your Inner Character. The same thing goes for your 6th IP. If that is healthy, then your Prayers will also favourably represent your Inner Character – because the 6th IP supplies your Celestial Body with energy (and your Celestial Body governs Praying/Invoking).

OK, that’s it for now. It took 2 hrs to upload this 10 min video. I called Virgin Internet and they said they couldn’t see my IP address on their end – possibly from a power outage in the area. I don’t use a VPN. They told me to unplug my modem and replug it after 10 seconds and it should solve the problem. I’ve done that. I should be getting a call from them in an hour to see how everything is doing!

– Edited with iMovie

– Shot with iPad (5th Gen).




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