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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES (SEBs). They become damaged and infected – and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.


DATE: Sept. 17th, ‘19



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So I had a Dermatologist appointment in my old neighbourhood.  The hood contains a nice parkland called the ‘Black Creek Parklands’.  I decided it was the right time to learn how to use my Tripod outside.  I think it turned out nice!

I used to go to the Black Creek to get solace away from my old, stressful apartment.  In Toronto – probably 75% of the jobs are Minimum Wage jobs.  We have a problem here that even if you work Full Time at one of these jobs, you still can’t afford a Bachelor apartment.  IT’S RIDICULOUS AND MUST BE CHANGED.  I had to share a 2 bedroom flat with 4 other people!  The living room was converted into 2 bedrooms!!!

The RIVER VALLEYS in Toronto are significant for recreation. For those people it affects, recreation is an important tool to fight SUBSTANCE ADDICTION, because you’re having fun without involving THE SUBSTANCE.


So in this Vid, I thoroughly talk about the KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY (KTB) and Beliefs.  Beliefs about yourself can ether be an I-HUB or a FTNI-HUB stands for ‘Internal Harmful Untrue Belief’ and FTN stands for ‘Favourable True Belief’.  (Too often I see people who have a belly and I just think, “My Gosh, they must have one big I-HUB about themselves!”.  I-HUBs about yourself can either be BUMPTIOUS (too good) or Self-Deprecating (too bad). 

I am worried that you might get the wrong idea about a FTN.  I touch about the fact that a Belief – in order to be Salubrious (healthy) – should be Favourable, however I didn’t mention that it also has to be true. To access a True Notion – to create a True Belief for yourself – you should ANALYZE. 

Just find a situation where you’re not distracted, grab a pen and paper, write down one of your thoughts, and then analyze it yourself.  The analysis you do yourself is you ‘cleaning’ the thought.  Inner Thoughts exist in your Rational Body (3rd Level of the HEF) and when you do this exercise your are actually cleaning the 3rd Level of your HEF.  When your thoughts are irrational, then the 3rd Level of your HEF becomes Insalubrious – which means dirty.  I prefer the other term ‘sullied’.  The Rational Body is supplied with Energy from your 3rd Chakra.  What I can do in a Session as an Energy Healer is directly improve the health of your 3rd Chakra so that the health of your Rational Body also automatically improves.  I do this by sitting across from you and directing my Outer Attention (melded with my Inner Attention) to your 3rd Chakra (via my Hand Chakras).  I can also augment the function of your RatlB by doing Core Star Meditation with you, but that’s another story. 

Mentioning can be VERBAL and NON-VERBAL (nv).

NV: (written)

NV: (actions without words)

NV: (pictures)

So the Inner World becomes damaged from Verbal Abuse (and obviously by physical abuse). It becomes infected by absorbing Noxious Mobile I-HUBs (Internal Harmful Untrue Beliefs) from Others. The way this happens is hearing, reading, or maybe even seeing non-verbally the Noxious Mobile I-HUB displayed. You’ll know you’ve absorbed a NM-I-HUB when you experience intense feelings afterwards. The intense feelings are caused by the ‘dissociated/disassociated’ thoughts you have from the absorbtion (damaging your Rational Body), which should become ‘associated’ (healthy/salubrious) when you analzye them with your Outer Attention (probably your Conscious Mind) (healing/fixing up the Rational Body).

Simply put, people might not clean their house as much or as well as they should because they don’t notice the dirtiness because of their Internal Cognitive Distractions (ICDs). ICDs are exemplified by Insalubrious HEF-Ls: most commonly an Insalubrious Rational Body due to ‘disassociated’ Thoughts that should to be analyzed with your own Conscious Mind (to complete them by adding New Information or to fix them by removing inaccurate info).

DEFINITION of Bumptious: obtusely, and often noisily self-assertive.

DEFINITION of Activity: natural or normal function.

DEFINITION of Salubrious: favorable to or promoting health or well-being.

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