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Jan. 8th, 2019

…Talking about these s*ckos who seek attention by overusing medical terminology to describe themselves. If you’re one of these people who victimizes themselves: using non-medical terminology will help to heal your Aura.

Thanks to Cheryl Holt on Pixabay for the photo (I edited it).



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Jan 6th, ‘19



IP = Inner Potentiality: it’s my English term I invented for Chakra.

…Talking about a friend I had who was not worth being friends with anymore b/c his ATTITUDE WAS SO BAD I HAD TO ALWAYS DRINK while around him when we were hanging out alone as friends! When choosing friends and/or lovers – try to pick the ones who are good looking and won’t cause you to abuse alcohol and drugs (or any other controlled substance for that matter).


(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the Thumbnail. Photo is of Peter Hadfield taken by Gronk O. File found searching under ‘Skeptics’ on Google).


***CARDING B.S.***

***CARDING B.S.***
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Jan 3rd, 2019

I guess around this time I was still an ‘Active Alcoholic’. I suppose I’m an ‘Inactive Alcoholic’ now. I’m not drinking at all. It is important for me to abstain from booze because of my current low income. Secondarily, because of the addictiveness of it. Thirdly – things are so volatile in Toronto due to immigration that it’s somewhat DANGEROUS to drink at all…

I suppose in my ‘Active Alcoholic’ stage I was somewhat numb to the Triggeringness of The Paper. I wouldn’t dare voluntarily pick up that sh*t nowadays…

I’m focusing on race in this video because Toronto is full of systemic, institutionalize Anti-White racism that has been going around since the early 1990s.

The only reason people think that it’s the other way around and that it’s Black people who are the victim is because they have a tradition of being loud-mouthed, bumptious and rambunctious – and this behaviour attracts more attention. So basically my point is they have been upset over something that is make-believe.


“Children’s Aid Society Has First Black CEO”

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Nov. 15 2018

Touching upon a Star Metro Toronto post. This was before I was self-employed. Also, a critique of a blurb in Star Metro Toronto about Blackness. Talking about evading responsibility by changing the subject to ‘racism’ and attacking someone for being ‘racist’.

Also what ‘gets’ me is the spelling of Children’s in the ACTUAL title of the organization. In this context, the Society would be providing services to ALL children: so it should be spelt ‘Childrens’’, NOT ‘Children’s’. SMH.

And no: I’m not a pedophile!




So I’ve just returned from the Food Bank and I’m eating ‘Dark Chocolate Ghost Pepper Almonds’ that they gave me. The bag they came in looks good – impressive design and quality of bag. The almonds themselves looked good. The first 3 tasted yummy, but then the spiciness of the ‘ghost pepper’ hit me. I can’t eat them as fast anymore 😦

I go to the Food Bank because I don’t have my own income. I’m somewhat addicted to alcohol. I haven’t been drinking lately, but I don’t know when I might start again and head on down to the bar. I’m crossing my fingers I won’t.

Anyways, I am newly self employed and because of that I have to ‘market’ myself. So I’ve been doing that everyday. Ideally I should have some fancy post-card sized thingamijig marketing tool and put that in 5000 mailboxes of a neighbourhood I’m targeting. But I can’t afford that. So instead I buy 500 business cards and then put them up in bus shelters and at those ‘public message centre’ thingies around town. It suits me!

I’m not in the mood to go door-to-door to businesses and make some sort of pitch. That takes a lot of energy. Plus you have to deal with the rejection. Even asking them to have their permission to place my business card somewhere prominent in their store would be too much. I wouldn’t like to deal with asshol-ism right now.

Toronto is full of assholes. I got one calling about my Energy Therapy card. I believe he tried to sabotage me by trying to humiliate me by making me look gullible by believing his story that he wanted to have an incestuous relationship. Seriously – he was rude! The second Idiot who called me patronized me because when I accidentally coughed into the phone (I said ‘sorry’ before I coughed), he was like “Do you have tuberculosis or something?”. PRETTY INSULTING! So by then I knew he wasn’t serious about my service and I hung up on him and blocked him. Toronto’s in a war right now (because of immigration) and I’m not going to be the weakling who gets trampled to death.

Anyways, another reason I go to the Food Bank is so eventually I’ll have enough money saved up to buy more marketing materials for my small businesses.

They gave me a bag of onions, carrots and potatoes. I believe that potatoes shouldn’t be put in the fridge – but I’ll check.

Ok – so it looks like the best bet for my potatoes will be to put them in my cupboard out of a plastic bag. The website I went to says if you keep them in the fridge they will become gritty and sweet.

Next thing is: how do you store onions? Ok – it looks like the best place to store them would be the same place as the potatoes! Be back in a sec!

Next: how do you cook carrots without peeling them (I don’t have a peeler and don’t want to buy one)? Ok, it says that you don’t have to peel carrots – just scrub them. https://www.thekitchn.com/5-times-you-dont-have-to-peel-carrots-tips-from-the-kitchn-220405

Eww these ghost pepper almonds are too spicy! Bleh!

OK – how do I store eggplant? Sh*t son! It looks like you shouldn’t keep eggplant in the fridge – in the same place as the potatoes and onions!



My couch reminds me of the Black lecher who gave it to me. Whenever he sees me, he tries to come on to me. I think it’s the drugs. A normal person wouldn’t be able to be THAT flirtatious with anyone. When I first went to his house – because I was being nice – he asked me if I wanted some cocaine. I am anti-drug.

For some reason today I was very sad. In the beginning of the day, it was because I hadn’t left my house early enough to do marketing for my business. Then, later in the day I became unhappy over the South Asian invasion my city is undergoing. I can’t trust my MP to listen to me complain about it: he’s probably some idiot cuc.k.



So i’m siting at home in the afternoon. It is New Year’s Day and I’ve already been out and about putting up my business cards in bus shelters. I know that may seem like a pretty crappy way to promote a business – but I don’t have any capital to fund my marketing.

I am very unhappy with the amount of young South Asians in Scarborough. They are invading the city! They don’t care about diversity. Their hiring managers only hire their own kind. They don’t try and learn about other races and hang out with them. It is disgusting that me as a White person in Toronto has done all of that for most of his life and these newbies who aren’t put under the same pressure!