Video Link: Morningside Park near Orton Park

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K – I decided to go to the Big Highland Creek Park, near my house. It was Satuday – Toronto’s most social day!

I was very unhappy to see that it was INFESTED with Dog-Strangling Vine (Black-Swallow Wort). Next Summer I’ll focus on removing it.

LOL – I was inaccurate: it was the West Highland Creek! …and technically Morningside Park.





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DATE: Aug 22nd, ’19

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OK, so being ready for something means that you have prepared for that event. If it’s not within your Inner Intent (InIn) – not Aligned with your Haric Line to participate in the Event for which you should prepare, then your preparing will probably be a Waste of Time. Please don’t overdo your Preparing-ness so that it becomes a Preoccupation (obsession).

So – if you have sufficiently prepared for an Event, and participating in this Event is aligned with your Inner InIn, then you should be ‘Ready’ to ‘Handle’ the Event. ‘Handling’ is synonymous with ‘Dealing with’ and/or ‘Coping’.

I surmise that when you are Ready to Deal with an Event, that means – energetically – that your Chakra Cords from your Front Chakras are Favourably Anticipatory (not predisposed to Thrusting in response to The Event).





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DATE: Aug. 11th, ‘19.


So – LOL – I began to be interested in Biodiversity when I learned about it in Middle School (1996-1998). Before that I had been immersed in Nature during my Summer Breaks because my family and I would go camping for a couple weeks in rural Ontario. It made an impression on me.

Toronto might have a *HUGE* problem with Dog-Strangling Vine as an Invasive Plant. From what I’ve seen, it’s infested the Humber River valley and the Rouge Valley. Near Ellesemere it has infested a tributary of the Highland Creek.

In my opinion, the best way to remove it is by hand. Using a chemical might destroy nearby Native Plants. Using an introduced species to control DSV might be counter-productive because the introduced species might they themselves become invasive.




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VIDEO LINK: Havin’ Fun!

SO YEAH, I went on Saturday to the Malvern Branch of the Highland Creek: Milner-North.

I had a great time! I saw several Wild Cucumber plants (don’t eat the ‘cucumbers’), a very healthy Virginia Creeper plant, and some ‘happy’ Jewel-Weeds!! I was very excited to see Wild Cucumber, as usual.

I may go tomorrow (Aug 7th) because I am worried about the amount of DSV there. It’s infested with DSV. DSV is the short-form of Dog-Strangling Vine.

The infestation saddens me, particularly because the park is so close to a Water-Body (the Malvern Branch). The area should be ‘Super Biodiverse’, but because of the DSV it’s a ‘monoculture’ of Black-Swallow Wort (the proper name for DSV).

Update: The Red Baneberry (don’t eat the berries!) has had its berries removed. I supposed a Raccoon ate them, but it was probably the mouse or rat. The berries are for animals, not humans!!!

When I’m not improvising my own music from my headphones or cellphone, I will try to make my videos more interesting by adding a Soundtrack. Apple recently added new Musical Tracks to iMovie (the Video Editor I use). Apple’s been gracious and made iMovie free!

So as a ‘Chakra Yogi’ – and a probable ‘1st Chakra Yogi’ at that – I’m sensitive to the Natural Environment. When I lived in Malvern and visited Malvern Woods, I unconsciously became irritated by the predominance of Black-Swallow Wort there. Since then I have gotten great pleasure in removing it and restoring infested Woodlands. The 1st Chakra is the only Chakra you have that connects you to Earth.

The Theory is, is that whatever Auric Level of the Yogi’s is most charged, then that will be the Level of your own Aura that will then become most charged. ‘Charged’ means ‘full’, or ‘energized’ or even ‘strong’.

I grew up spending two weeks of Summers in Northern Ontario – where there wasn’t any Invasive Plants. Since I had so much fun and the landscape was so different from the city, it made a good impression on me!

In Eastern North America (Northern USA and Southern Canada), Ragweed is an important Food Source for the native animals. I’m tired of people going ‘on and on’ about their allergies. I actually believe these people are exaggerating their symptoms simply to get attention (they don’t deserve). From an energetic interpretation, this is because their Chakra(s) are weak. They are trying to ‘fill’ their Chakras by being ‘attention whores’ and hogging the attention of Other People. What happens is they do get more energy from these Other People – through the Chakra Cords – however it predisposes them greatly to Inadvertent Conflict and the Other Person feeling ‘drained’ and resentful. A better approach would be to meditate on your 1st Chakra to strengthen your Cord Connection to Earth, since the reason your Chakras are so deficient is because this Connection is most likely damaged in some way.

In my opinion, allergies are probably:

A) People exaggerating a minor sickness to get attention

• This is due to Weak Chakras (Chakras can be Weak, Overcharged, or Balanced).

• To better deal with this problem, the ‘Allergy-Exaggerator’ should meditate on their 1st Chakra to strengthen their energetic connection to Earth (the reason for them being ‘needy’ is because their 1st Chakra is probably too weak to properly get energy from The Earth. Them unconsciously being parasitic to Other People’s Chakras predisposes them to greater likelihood of Inadvertent Conflict (Inadvertent Conflict speeds up morbidity. The more often and severer the Inadvertent Conflict experienced by the person, the sooner they will develop a Physical Disease).

B. Stress causing an inflammatory response.

A) In a previous video I touched upon stress in relation to the different Auric Levels.

A) Insalubrious Etheric Body = Stress about Surviving

B) Insalubrious Emotional Body = Stress about Sensualizing

C) Insalubrious Rational Body = Stress about Sense of Self

D) Insalubrious Relational Body = Stress about Giving/Receiving in general

E) Insalubrious Etheric Template Body = Stress about Planning

F) Insalubrious Celestial Body = Stress about Conceptualizing

G) Insalubrious Ketheric Template Body = Stress about Believing


Simply moisturizing your hands nightly with a regular supermarket-store moisturizer actually helps prevent the dermatitis from the DSV Irritant.


Even though Ragweed is a great Food Source for Eastern North American animals, it’s an Invasive Species in Continental Europe. I presume the native animals there don’t ‘know’ that it could be a food for them, and plus I saw and read a few years ago that it spreads just as badly as DSV here!!!

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VIDEO LINK: Ha ha ha!

DATE: Aug. 1st, ‘19

Alrighty (then)! So here I am again at Deekshill park!!!

I presume I might be in some type of love with this Park, because I have thought about several things that should be done to improve it!

– Make paths clearer/more obvious (maybe put down fresh Wood Chips and/or make a fence on either side of the trail/path.

– Create designated/official ‘People/Dog Friendly Areas’.

‘People Friendly’ area: A clearing in the woodland, Wood Chips to make it look pretty. Fence around it.

A Dog Park: Just a sturdy-fenced-off-area (LOL: my use of hyphens!!!)

Creating these designated People/Dog Friendly areas will ensure that people/dogs will be less likely to damage Plant Life. I’m not saying People are much like dogs. My point is that both will be ‘corralled’ by a fence. No, I’m not saying both are like cows. Ugh!!! SMH.

I’m really ‘dreading’ everything becoming SUPER DRY.

LOL – it’s Aug 3rd when I’m editing this and I *DID* take my Tripod out today. I was able to successfully detach the ‘Claw’ from the Base, however when I tried putting the Two back together – Umm, I’m not confident they are FULLY together. I will look at it tomorrow!!

12:40 – I have to mention: This is SO true! Today when I was elsewhere, the most biodiverse place was the border of the dirt trail (Malvern Branch of the Highland Creek Milner-North).

14:14 – My point was that if I had accepted the creepiness of the Predatory Bird, then that would mean I’d be likely to accept the creepiness of humans. Accepting creepy behaviour from humans can be dangerous – because creepiness indicates an Insalubrious Relational Body.





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VIDEO LINK: Adams Creek

DATE: Jul 28th ‘19

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…In this Vid I was on my way to my Parents’ house and was early. Instead of getting to the house before they got back from their Walk – and sitting in the backyard being very bored, I decided to film a pretty creek nearby. It might be called ‘Adams Creek’. There’s a park called ‘Adams Park’ in the neighbourhood, and there’s a creek that runs through it.

So – in terms of Spirits, Celestial Stuff, and Faeries: there might have been a Sprite ‘inhabiting’ the Orange Jewel-Weed (OJW) Flower. I personally somewhat disapprove of Faeries being called ‘malevolent’ and such. I suppose the Sprite that was sitting on the OJW Flower was just minding its own business…

The Theory is – is if you pray to Sprites: they will give you Good Luck. Good Luck is things like miracles happening in the External World that fulfill your Soul Purpose (SP). Your SP originates from your Soul Seat, which is a major energy point between the throat and upper sternum. It is part of the Haric Line – the ‘Deeper Inner World’.

I planted some Lactuca Canadensis seeds on my balcony and am excited about them growing and becoming tall and stuff. They didn’t come from the Featured Plant. They came from a parking lot near my house.

I might have used the ‘Pop’ filter from YouTube to make the video more visually appealing, however whenever I have used it I’ve noticed that it makes the video less visually detailed. Shapes become less defined and blur together!

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VIDEO LINK: Heron Park’s Creek

DATE: July 23rd ‘19

So I visited a creek near my house the other day. It’s near a Community Centre called ‘Heron Park’. I remembered from when I was 10 years old or so that there was a creek there.

There was this Weird Guy in the park who kept on walking near me and kinda in circles and in unpredictable directions. I guess he liked walking! He wouldn’t stay still. LOL!! I had to spit a few times to look tough so he wouldn’t bother me…

I was very pleased with the lack of Garlic Mustard and Dog-Strangling Vine! Plus there wasn’t a whole bunch of Enchanter’s Nightshade – instead more diversity of plants (even though they weren’t native).

Apparently creeks like this are a good place to pray to the Land Spirits and Nature Spirits. Doing so will increase your luck. We need all the luck we can get – given how sociocentric and egocentric people are. Praying to the Nature/Land Spirits will charge your Celestial Body and encourage favourable Mental Images (6th Chakra – because this supplies the Celestial Body with energy from the Universal Energy Field). This will also probably encourage healthy 6A Chakra Cord behaviour (not Bumptiousness or Self-Deprecating).

It was a nice morning.

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