***FIR VALLEY WOODS AND CATARAQUI PARK*** #biodiversity #invasivespecies #nativeplants

***FIR VALLEY WOODS and CATARAQUI PARK*** #biodiversity #invasivespecies #nativeplants
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May 10th ‘19

So when you take the Subway between Warden Station and Victoria Park Station, if you look out the window South, you will see a glade with a playground in the middle. This is Cataraqui Park. I remember seeing some Ground Cover Plants on the woodland on the left hand side when you go past, and I always had the feeling I wanted to investigate this place. So I did. Cataraqui Park was uneventful. All it really had was some Mayflower and some Trout Lily. Fir Valley Woods was more interesting, but might be dangerous due to its geography and possibility that it might be used by a gang.

Anyway, I was happy I got the chance to go and see these places! It is fun filming Toronto’s small woodlands and representing the decimation to Biodiversity that Dog-Strangling Vine (Black Swallow-Wort) and Garlic Mustard have done to them!




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***MURISON WOODS (North of Milner Ave.) #Scarborough #Malvern #biodiversity

***MURISON WOODS (North of Milner Ave.)*** #Scarborough #Malvern #biodiversity
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May 5th, ‘19

**Word Of The Day: ‘swath’***

Ok. So I went to Murison Woods (MuW) N of Milner Ave recently. It was pretty good. I saw some ‘teepee’ that suppos-ed Survivalists made. Impressive biodiversity w MuW compared to Malvern Woods (MaW). I’ll discover where the microphone is on my iPad so I don’t inadvertently cover it while filming. LOL.

List Of Plants Here:



Jack-In-The-Pulpit (possible)

Solomon’s Seal

Wild Columbine (one)

Wild Sarsparilla (definitely)

Poison Ivy (Great Food Source for Animals and Birds)

Mayflower (possible)

Baneberry (maybe confused it with Wild Sarsparilla earlier)

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