***THE ETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY AND WORDS*** #spells #manifestation #creating #impression

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Jan. 10th, ‘19

In this Vid I talk about the Etheric Template Body. Your Inner World (your Human Energy Field) contains 7 Bodies. The Etheric Template Body is the 5th Level and is supplied by the 5[A/B] Chakra (Inner Potentiality).

Words – written and/or spoken – are fundamentally Etheric Template based.

The Mental Impression that you get from words from the External World (anything other than yourself) is held in your 6A Inner Potentiality and Celestial Body (6th Level of your Human Energy Field).

It is significant to use the correct words to create the right impression.

Clearly knowing the definition of words helps with that.

Thanks to ‘Good Reads’ for making the Thumbnail Picture available. The Image is of the front cover of ‘Words of Transformation’ by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel. The illustrator is Sumara Elan Love.



***ANARCHY AND MANAGEMENT*** 🚨#anarchy #anarchist #management #Canada #corruption

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Nov. 25th, 2018

In this Video, I touch upon my affinity to Anarchy and my dislike of Managers. I also mention how booze can Overcharge your Relational Body (the 4th Level of the Human Energy Field) and cause you to be ‘sucked in’ to long conversations you don’t want to have (against your Inner Intent).



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So I just had two bowls of the pasta I made yesterday. They were enjoyable. It included eggplant that I got from the Food Bank.(I go to the Food Bank once a week because otherwise I won’t be motivated enough to cook dinner for myself. Getting random ingredients given to me compels me to think about what I can make with them – and then I end up cooking!!!). I myself would have never bought eggplant from the store because it is so hard with which to cook.

Intended on going to the gym for two hours today, but after an hour and 20 mins on the elliptical I began to feel hungry so I stopped the work out. Within Human Energy Field (HEF or Aura) theory, the 1st Level (Etheric Template) of the Aura is linked to your feelings of hunger, cold/hot, pain, pleasure, discomfort etc. So by noticing that feeling of hunger (with my Outer Mind), and by respecting it (by stopping the work-out), I would have improved the 1st Level of my HEF.

It’s been BITTERLY cold this evening. PAINFULLY cold on the walk from the bus stop to my apartment building. LEMME see the windchill…Yeah the weather report says it ‘feels like’ -30…




It was FREEZING in Toronto today. I took my Smartphone out to videotape something outside for less than 3 MINUTES and the fingers holding my phone froze.

The roads are all crusty with packed snow.

I was unhappy because I thought all the biz cards of mine I taped up in bus shelters stopped adhering to their glass walls and then fell to the ground.

I’m not crazy about putting up my business cards – it’s only one per bus shelter.

I was very worried about my normal Scotch tape not working in this weather that I went to Canadian Tire and bought some heavy-duty looking clear tape. It was $8. The Scotch tape is like $2. When I got outside I tested the new tape, but it didn’t seem to be sticky (I guess something to do with how cold it was?!). I tested it inside in warm temperature and it WAS sticky. (Update: I had to return that pricey Clear Tape. I got a Gift Card of the same amount for the return. They wouldn’t reimburse me, but ‘Oh Well!’).

I saw one of my old biz cards in the bus shelter near my gym tonight – and I was surprised it was still sticking to the wall (because it was with regular Scotch tape). I then tested it, and then it stopped sticking. I then I put it in my bag.

I’m uneasy about this weather. I need a cold weather tape. I Googled for that type of tape and found one called ‘Frost King’ clear plastic Weatherall tape. (https://amzn.to/2FWdmut)

There’s this dipshit who lives down the hall from me. He’s gotten a new dog. It barks NON-STOP. I’ve already called the authorities on him and they said it will take several days to resolve or respond to the issue. The dog probably sits in the entranceway of his apartment, and barks TOWARDS THE DOOR. I’m like 9 APARTMENTS away from him. I am not close to his door, and I can hear the dog CLEARLY. It is LOUD. Who the fuck gets a dog that is an incessant barker? It doesn’t help that this is probably a normal size dog (not a toy dog). The guy who lives there looks like a crackhead. Crackheads have a certain “look” to them. They are usually skinny. They usually have sunken cheeks or bony looking faces. This goes for ex-crackheads too. Basically a crackhead is anyone who does crack or has done crack. I’m not being specific here and I know I’ll be roasted for it – but GET OFF THE CRACK and gain some weight! If it’s too difficult for you to get off the crack, then figure out what triggers you to do it and remove the triggers, or stay away from the triggers. Also, try becoming politically active – because the reason you’re addicted may be because there is something political that’s pissing you off and you’re just denying that it’s pissing you off and then you take a hit. Healthy fats like nuts: pistachios and cashews.

So I searched where I can find this tape in my city, and apparently I could get it at Home Depot. Lowes, or Walmart. I may just return the supposed ‘better’ tape I bought today for a refund. If it’s not going to work in cold weather – it won’t be useful until April. I can’t wait 2 whole months for tape.

(Update: I’m editing this on March 5th ’19 and I am now using black Gorilla Tape from Lowes. It seems to be the best tape for my need). At the moment I am focusing more on building my Website for Energy Healing and Massage. I’ve temporarily stopped putting up my Biz Cards in bus shelters because I think people are too dumb and stupid to call the number written on them). Instead I have been going Door-to-Door and dropping my Biz Card into each mailbox of each house (actually visiting the Front Door of a house and having a Sales Pitch made me become an alcoholic…SO THAT’S OUT OF THE PICTURE). I think Torontonians have lost the ability to communicate face-to-face and only really trust and rely on Social Media and Websites to initiate communication.And don’t EVEN get me started on the White People who answer the door. The amount of Self-Hatred that White People have for their own race in Toronto is staggering. You can thank the Toronto Star for that…)




So I’m on track with my work today. My skin is irritatingly dry. At least I had blueberries on my cereal this morning and haven’t drunk any booze today – yet. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t. My goal is to be completely sober. I don’t have a lot of money, and I need to watch my spending.

My friend Bob called me today. He is kinda annoying. Like, my Mind is constantly in a state of wanting to make money, and I see him as some sort of hindrance.

I used to have this female friend named Suzy. I met her at a summer camp run by the Public School Board in my city. It was a pretty good camp, however one thing I disliked was we weren’t allowed to have showers. This was in Middle School or early High School. Probably 1998/1999. I thought Suzy was cool because her mother was a prostitute. Suzy and I got along pretty well, and we remained friends after camp.


GOOD MEMORY (of before the BS)…

So I went out to sell today.  It was successful in the fact that I only drank one ounce of whisky before selling and I didn’t drink anything before I left for home.  

I’m kinda annoyed that it’s just going to get colder and colder here in T.O, but there’s nothing I can do about it  other than wearing warmer clothes.  

It’s my birthday in about a week and my parents agreed to make a dinner for me.  My sister and her kids might show up too.

I’m glad I had a thought of buying carrots today.  

I’ve been worried about my eyesight, since I have to wear glasses.  I used to buy baby carrots and take them to the library with me.  I used to eat very healthy (except for not getting enough leafy greens for a while) by taking cheese sticks, and custom mixed nuts, dates, and carrots with me during the day.  I’m looking forward to restarting that habit, but I’m worried about the cost off the nuts…


Frigid, chilly Canada.  

I stood outside for 2 hrs 30 mins to get people to take my card. My target market……………..

I had to wait for them to come in earshot and then ask them if they had Facebook………………  

I may do it again tomorrow to increase my Facebook patronage………………..

My intent is not to care how cold it is – I want and maybe even need to get this done……………..

I’m not going to keep myself inside like a coward against the cold.